Arousr is a truly dedicated, well-maintained, user-friendly, adult sexting platform that has been around since 2012. This platform has over 80000 monthly visitors of which 49% are from the USA alone. Surprisingly 21% of traffic comes from India living behind the UK with 14% and Canada with 6%.


So many people from North America love this platform because of its user-friendliness. This platform is really what you need when it comes to User experience.

How it works

First of all, you would be required to sign off using your phone number to receive 100 Feet of credits to chat or explore this website. By browsing this platform you can choose your dream girl based on their pictures full stop you can send text messages or may can audio or video call.

This is so a simple platform you are getting some of the hottest and real horny women from North America and India. Just look at their profile see who is online and start sending text messages if she agrees then schedule either an audio call or a video call.


Sexting options

It has 7 different sexting options for users including live show router adult chat phone sex, sex chat, sexting, and video chat. So it is a dedicated best platform that provides everything you need to be sexually satisfied online.

Random video chat room: Roulette

You will be offered 1 to 1 private video calls with random girls. Free members will get 5 free minutes per day on the other hand premium members to guess 10 minutes per day. And the best part is premium members can extend their seasons with the host by paying some credits.

People love sorting with women day won’t different women every day and they want to make eat excited they want something new. This is why they come up with the idea of selecting random women for sexting.

Think about that how exciting it will be when you will get the mast to the woman and you can talk to her. The problem with other adult dating sites is you can’t test them but you don’t know whether they will like to talk with you or not. So this platform is giving you the opportunities to talk with random girls every time you must with someone so I found it very exciting.

Another interesting thing about this platform is per separated both men and women so every time you try this platform you will get any woman.

Suppose you match with someone whom you don’t like to talk to or looks not your type just press the next until you find someone exciting.

Adult chat

Those of you who are looking for an adult chat have very modern user-friendly adult chat rooms that fully feel users’ desire with sext, BSDM, taboo, and other adult chat options. So you are getting everything women of all ages and sexual identities. And at the best party, they have a lot of individual women to talk to you.

If you go to any free and I’ll chat room you will find little to know women who are willing to have a conversation. So you get frustrated and leave the room but they hire professional women of all ages and ethnicity who are most likely to talk to you as you are paying them for that.

If you are new, then this platform will definitely help you. All the women are well trained and know how to handle the situation so they will make it easy for you.

Phone sex

The old-school way of having fun is phone sex. Phone sex produces such a sexual interaction that is impossible in other types of sexual activities. Turning off the light and laying down on your bed when you talk to random women and express your sexual fantasy then you will know how good it is.

All though there are tones of free phone sex lines there is little few or no women left to talk to males so it is why the decision to use this platform and talk to real human beings who are hired by the platform.

You can talk to real human beings in a very inexpensive way.

Express all the taboo fantasies and other sexual fantasies that are hard to express in real life. Phone sex includes role-playing, BSDM, and no matter what you are looking for whether you are looking for a Milf or 3some, or freedom of sexual Encounters all of these things exist here.

So don’t be late to make your bed dirty romantic.


If you want to feel like your old high school days when you use to have sex with lots of your friends this website is for you. You can recall all of your memories and all your fantasies of your high school days using this platform. The real women will be with you to play the sexual role you like.

Texting good be a great way for people who don’t like talking to women in a video chat. It could be a better alternative to another free selecting line where all the robots are working behind the scene so you are not getting real women on the free platforms, but this website clients 100% real women on their platform.

Video chat

Only the brave and bold guys can do that. With the video chat, you are getting the chance of seeing the woman nude and also reacting with you. So it is the best way to enjoy sexual fantasies.

You can choose from various types of ladies including milk and teens. You can ask them to play sexual characters role that fulfill your desire and you can also tell them to play the Tabu rolls

Can I become a chat host?

Yes, you can just make a profile upload your ID, and get verified because they do not allow verified people to become their chat host.

Do all the women verified?

Yes everyone you will come across on this platform is verified without the verification this platform allowed no one to become a chat host.

Do they have a refund policy?

Definitely, they will 100% refund your unused credit however in the first place if you buy their credits but their service somewhat upsets you then you can claim your credit. You credit or only refund at the first purchase they will not refund it from the second purchase.

To get a refund you can email their support and ask stem for a refund.

Is it safe?

Yes definitely beast from is a 100% safe day neither sell your information nor send you spam messages. All the members are verified using their photo ID so you are getting a scam-free environment that enhances your sexual experience on their platform.

If you decided to share personal information with a chat host or with other users there is no way they get your information. All the communications are encrypted and private so others will not have your information.

Your payment is also secured and all the transactions I meant using an actual Bank so non is telling your financial information.

Can you send gifts to your models?

Yes, you can send your credits as a gift to your host cell phone number you can send any amount of credit by using the hashtag sign. For example to send 250 credit types #tip250.

How to make video calls?

Video calls are possible using your text computer using Google Chrome or other browsers.

Who is the host? Are they employed?

Hosts are real wild independent women aged over 18 years who love to explore their fantasies. They are not employed and don’t have a fixed schedule. There are independent people who are working on this platform.

Sex education

This website provides sexual education and how you should react to other women and how you can make your journey comfortable with women. So if you need any information or any knowledge about women or how to speak them to your bed this is the best way to get the information.

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