Ashley Madison – Ashley Madison Reviews 2022

Are you tired of spending so much time with the same girl? Looking for a new adult girl that you can get close to at the moment or do you need a medium from which you can easily find the girl of your choice in a short period of time without any hassle? Then this site is for you.


Why spend a lifetime with a girl where there are hundreds of new girls for men in your city?

Ashley Madison Reviews 2022

What is Ashley Madison?

This website is an online adult dating and social networking service used by over 60 million people in 53 countries, including the United States, to virtually find sex around them. This is not a general dating website, it is only designed for adults where only sexually aroused men and women find partners around them.

How about website security?

With over 60 billion people on their first-choice list, the website is committed to customer safety and information security. Any customer can use a nickname instead of his original name. Also, their other information like date of birth, and email id, is never shared.

The company recommends that customers make their photos more secure by using the feature called Wise Photos.


Is this service free to use?

While new accounts can be opened and photos added for free, Wings can be sent to the people of your choice, but you must buy credit to send messages to the people of your choice. 4 credits are required for regular messaging and 13 credits for priority messages.

My suggestion is that you can open a free account if you want to visit the service but it is not possible to use it properly. Since the company does not offer all of its services and preferential services for free, you should purchase and use their services.

But you can definitely buy this service. It is one of the most effective services on the market through which you can easily communicate with single men and women around you.

What does this site do?

It is an adult companion social media platform where a user can interact and talk with any user in any city or suburb of America, even 53 countries. However, this service is mainly used to have sex with single boys or girls in the vicinity by contacting them. In addition, many people use this service to have sex through video calls or on the phone.

Can you send free messages?

No direct answer. You cannot send a message here for free, you must purchase 4 credits to send a message. You can also send your message to your preferred partner on a priority basis for 13 credits and all these credit packages start at just 38 38.

Can my account be deleted completely?

You can delete your account and all image messages in your account at any time if you wish. You also get the chance to deactivate your profile for a while.

It is an international quality company that has all kinds of facilities for the customers. Your information is 100% secure here but you can delete it at any time if you wish.

Every man likes to interact with new women every day and spend time with them. Men who really like women and want to spend the night with new women need an online service through which you can easily connect with beautiful women living in your city or living in another city.

Medicine may actually be the best medium for this purpose. 60 million men and women have their own sexual partners for which they use this platform. This is the first time that men and women in 53 countries have found a partner of their choice. So you understand that this website may be the only right way to meet your sexual needs.

The pros and cons of this service and who needs this service? Who can benefit the most from using this service? There will also be further discussions on how you can benefit the most from using this situation.

So let’s take a quick look at:

Number of members

One hundred and eighty thousand men and women from the USA alone use this platform weekly. Overall, more than 1.2 million people worldwide use the service, with 55 percent men and 45 percent women.

There is no reason to worry about the number of men and women. If you look at other dating sites you will find about 70 to 80 percent men and only 25 to 30 percent women. But this service is very efficient in balancing men and women.

What are the benefits of using this service?

The service has been providing sex partners to millions of people around the world, including the United States, since 2001. Here you can choose the woman of your choice as your sex partner by interacting with women from 18+ to 60+.

There is no ban on talking dirty on other social media like Facebook or Instagram. You can have sexually provocative conversations with any woman or man of your choice. You can have sex with anyone from Phoenix to Friendships, from just 18 to over 60 women.

Some important information about this platform:

This site is being used extensively to establish a relationship between a man and a woman without any commitment.

The same person can have relations with more than one woman if he wants and even more than one woman if he wants more than one woman. Nothing is illegal here.

Anyone can have an extramarital affair here or find a man or woman of their choice who has brought a married man or woman.

This service is committed to customer privacy. In no way will you ask for verification through Facebook or any other social media.


This website is completely free for women. Any woman can use this website for free but if any man wants to use this site then he must buy it for money. Although he will be able to create an account, he will not be able to send free messages.

But if a woman wants to find another woman as her sexual partner, she has to pay the same as men.

This website offers three types of packages for users. The 38 38 basic packages will get you 100 credits right away, plus customers will get 500 and 1000 credits if they purchase the classic and elite for 11 115 and 11 118, respectively.

Image approval

You can upload pictures as soon as you open a new account. However, it will take 24 hours for the image to be approved. This is done primarily for the safety of the customers because you have to make sure that the sex workers are not deceived.

See pictures

You can view pictures of any sexually active girl without using any credit, but you will need credit if you want to send them a message.

What kind of pictures do girls respond to more?

The girls in this service usually do not like men of humble nature because there are dirty-minded sex workers who are involved in multiple illicit relationships. They love sex and they only want men who can give them happiness.

So be sure to make yourself aggressive and attractive when it comes to choosing your pictures. Some girls will not like you if you do not use a picture that is polite, sitting quietly.


After selecting the interesting pictures in your profile, fill in the information that will be given in your profile. If you prefer privacy, you can use a name other than your own.

What kind of woman are you, what is their body shape, what is the color of their skin? And you can include how you want them to have sex.

What information is required when creating an account?

The account asks for your marital status, your name, a password, your location, zip code, date of birth, and email.

Remember, you will try to communicate with the girls around the area where you are choosing the zipcode as it will help you to choose your partner.

Additional benefits:

With this service, you can get some additional benefits in exchange for money. You can take a golden status so that you get more views than other accounts.

You can also send priority messages in exchange for additional credit costs. The priority message purpose is to make your message visible to everyone.

Traveling Man uses this feature to connect with the girls around you wherever you are. Suppose you moved from New York to Florida. So you can make friends with sexy girls around Florida.

How to use the website safely?

  • You must use fake names to use the website safely, not your real name.
  • You open a separate Gmail or Hotmail. The extra emails will not harm your work. If you use the official girl here you will continue to receive a lot of mail which will make it difficult to find your important emails.
  • Strengthen your password so that no one else can easily copy it.
  • You can blur your image if you don’t want to show it to anyone in the first place.
  • Refrain from making payments or sharing personal information with users you do not know personally.

Customer support:

You can chat with them directly about any issues. You can also report your problem by email. However, emailing can take up to 24 to 48 hours to resolve your issue.

I think their customer service is very modern and good but it would have been better if the e-mail reply had been received within two or three hours.

Personal opinion:

In my opinion, it is very easy to use the situation system. The customer service is commendable. The membership is really awesome. The difference in the number of boys and girls is so small that girls are easily found. Percentage of security means that you can get the service from here at your own expense.

The service has been on the market for over two decades. Their service has spread to 53 countries, winning the hearts of 60 million people. As a result of my personal testing, I’m pretty sure you won’t be fooled into using this service.

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