Do girls like hairy legs?


If you’ve ever seen a guy with hairy legs, chances are you had the same reaction: “What the hell? Does it matter if there are any (or not) hairs on your legs? I’m here to tell you that yes, women do like guys with hairy legs. They just don’t like them as much as other … Read more

Why do girls sit on dryers?


There are many reasons why girls sit on dryers. The most common one is that they want to feel in control and look good while doing it. They might also be trying to hide their flaws, or they may just enjoy the sensation of sitting on a warm dryer while gossiping with friends or watching … Read more

Why did she block me on Instagram?


I’m guessing you’ve been blocked on Instagram by a girl. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like your posts, or maybe she just doesn’t want to hear from you anymore. Either way, the fact that someone decided to block me on Instagram makes me feel sad and angry all at once. Let’s explore why this happens … Read more

Signs she hates you but loves you


I’ve been in relationships where the other person was completely into me, but I never really knew how they felt about me. Sometimes, it’s just easier to assume that someone hates you than it is to actually figure out if they do. But is this true? Are there ways that you can tell whether or … Read more