Do guys like skinny girls?


Dating a girl is always a fun thing to do however not every girl come across is considered a sixer. Some men prefer healthy girls while others prefer skinny girls the choice varies from man to man. Every man has a different test to girls and you cannot particularly say that specific types of body … Read more

Should You Double Message On Tinder?


Tinder is an online dating app on which millions of people across the globe send text messages every single day. Millions of men from the US and Canada send text messages or friend requests to girls. And this online dating Messenger apps handle thousands of text messages for every single person. Usually, boys send text … Read more

Do guys like neck kisses?


Guys love women especially when they give them kisses, but not every time when women kissed guys is considered pleasing. Kisses on a sensitive area like the neck represent the aggressiveness of intimation. So, do guys like neck kisses? Most guys like to give kisses on women’s necks but they are not like to be … Read more

Can I Use Tinder Without Location?


Millions of people from all around the US are using tinder as their primary HookUp app. This super trending HookUp apps has never been popular before. And this popularity attracts a lot of scammers around the globe who continuously scam the US people and their money. So tinder develops an app where you cannot use … Read more

Shadowbanned on Tinder?- Why & How To Fix It?

By clearing social media tinder will not get access to your photos and other information publicly available. Step 3 If you have another phone number that was not previously used on tinder then you can use that otherwise you have to buy a new SIM card to open a new tinder account. Tinder needs to … Read more