Best gay dating apps for older guys

There are plenty of dating apps for younger people, but what about older men? If you’re looking for a way to meet other single seniors or just connect with like-minded individuals, here are four top gay dating apps that will help you find love:


10 Best gay dating apps for older guys


Scruff is a gay social network app that has been around since 2009 and is one of the largest and most popular dating apps in the world.

The app has over 10 million users worldwide, who can use it to meet new people, share photos and videos, ask questions about each other’s sex lives (or lack thereof), and more.

The Scruff community consists of LGBT men who are looking for romance or friendships with other men their age. This means that if you’re looking for someone who fits into your life online, then this could be just what you need!


Grindr is a dating app for gay, bi and queer men. It was launched in December of 2009 by Joel Simkhai and his business partner Jeremy Stoppelman.

Grindr is the largest social networking app for gay, bi and queer men. The application has more than 3 million active users across 190 countries, making it one of the most popular apps available today on mobile phones worldwide.



Hornet is a gay dating and social networking app for men. It’s available on iOS and Android, with over 20 million users worldwide. It’s one of the most popular gay dating apps in the world, so if you want to meet other LGBTQ+ singles or just see where your friends are hanging out at night, this is definitely the place to start!

Hornet features local search functionality so you can find exactly what type of person might be nearby looking for love — whether it be men only or women only (or both). The site also has its own personalized newsfeed that shows any new messages from users within its network as well as any activity updates about them (such as posts written by other members).


Surge is a gay social network app for seniors and older men. Its focus is on meeting other people, but it also has some features that make it useful for finding dates or hookups.

The surge has more than 50 million users worldwide, so you’ll have plenty of options when looking for someone to chat with. You can use the app to find friends, share photos and videos and even watch live streams from other Surge members via the mobile web browser (you’ll need your own laptop or desktop computer). The app’s functionality includes:

  • Chatting – Send messages directly within the app or reply as if you were using Messenger on your phone;
  • Finding friends – Search through profiles by location;
  • Finding Dates! – Use this feature if you want someone who shares similar interests;


Romeo is a dating app for older gay men and bears. The app was created by queer people, with the goal of making it easier to find dates and connect with new people in your area.

Romeo works best when you’re looking for someone who’s similar to you: age, culture, location (if possible). You can also filter your results by height or weight range if you want an exact match!

If eHarmony works well for younger gay men looking for long-term relationships, then Romeo will be the best choice for older guys who are still looking for casual hookups or even romance, but don’t want anything too serious yet either!


SilverSingles is the best dating app for older gay men because it’s free to join. The app has no ads and no games, so you can relax and focus on your romantic interests. And if you’re looking for a serious relationship with someone who shares your values and beliefs, this is one of the most reliable sites online.

SilverSingles also has all of the standard features that make other dating apps popular: no bots or fake profiles; no spamming; high-quality photos; easy navigation through their site (no confusing menus).

Regular additions to their database of singles from around the world, and more! If these things sound appealing to you but they’re not working out so well right now in your search for love through technology (or vice versa), give SilverSingles another try!


OurTime is a dating app for older singles that’s free to download and use. The app has over 3 million members, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to meeting people.

The site works with Android and iOS devices as well as web browsers, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues if you’re using an old computer or tablet.


The apps above are focused on the US market. Here are a few for other countries.​

You can find apps for older men in other countries. Here are some you might want to check out:

  • Jack’d (US/UK/Brazil)
  • Mister (France, Mexico)
  • Manhunt (UK/Australia)

These are all very similar to the US-based apps above, but they have different features and focus on dating other older guys.

Jack’d (US/UK/Brazil)

Jack’d is a gay dating app for men that lets you meet other gay men in your area. With Jack’d, you can share photos, chat with users and send messages. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Jack’d has been around since 2012; it claims to have over 5 million users worldwide, which means there’s plenty of people available to chat with if you’re looking for a date or even just someone new to talk to!

Mister (France, Mexico)

Mister is a gay dating app for men that’s available in France, Mexico, and Brazil. It’s free to download and has a clean interface that allows users to search for other users based on location.

In addition to searching through profiles and sending messages, Mister also offers chatrooms where you can talk with other users about anything from hookups to politics.

Mister has over 10 million users worldwide, and growing rapidly! The app offers plenty of features like photo galleries, and video chat (with FaceTime or Skype).

Manhunt (UK/Australia)

Manhunt is a great app for older guys looking to find younger men who are looking for the same thing they are. The app has more than 30 million users worldwide, and it’s available on both iOS and Android.

Manhunt offers a free version of its service that includes up to 10 messages per day, but you can upgrade to premium for unlimited messaging and photos within your own timeline as well as reduced fees (up to $2 per month).


Apps for finding other older guys to date and have a romance with.

So, you’re a young gay guy looking to find someone to date. You know that dating apps have their drawbacks. You may get a lot of spam or messages from randos who don’t really know what they want. But if you’re looking for romance, there’s no better way than through an app!

Of course, there are some downsides: Apps can be impersonal and filled with fake profiles (especially when it comes to casual hookup apps).

There aren’t necessarily any age restrictions on the casual hookup apps that do exist; however, the same cannot be said about dating sites like Grindr or Scruff (and even OkCupid), which require users over 18 years old before they’ll let them in on their site.

Dating apps are great, but they can be made better.

If you’ve tried a dating app before and were disappointed, it’s not your fault. Some apps are better than others.

Some apps are more useful for older guys and younger guys, but some aren’t exactly helpful for gay or bi men. For example, Tinder has a lot of features that make it great for straight women who want romance and sex with no strings attached (the most obvious being its “swipe right” feature).

However, if you’re interested in hooking up with someone who lives far away from where you live or even just doesn’t have much going on at home.

You might find yourself getting frustrated with all the rejection messages that come back at you every time someone swipes right on their profile photo instead of messaging them first!


I hope this article has been helpful in finding the best gay dating apps for guys over 50!

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