Do girls like hairy legs?

If you’ve ever seen a guy with hairy legs, chances are you had the same reaction: “What the hell?

Does it matter if there are any (or not) hairs on your legs? I’m here to tell you that yes, women do like guys with hairy legs. They just don’t like them as much as other parts of your body!

So, do girls like hairy legs? Most of the time girls like hairy legs because it feels sexy and manly to them. Only 5% to 7% of women hate hairy legs while 40% of them feel attractive, although, 70%find no hair on men unattractive.


Is it more attractive for a guy to have hairy legs or no hair at all?

As far as women are concerned, it doesn’t matter how much hair your legs have. If you’re a guy and have no hair on your legs and she likes it, then great! If she prefers that you shave it off completely, then so be it.

The point is that the key to attraction is in how confident you feel about yourself and what you do with your body—not whether or not there’s a bit of fur here or there (and trust me: if there is a furry critter on display…it won’t hurt).

There are exceptions to this rule though: if the woman in question has some kind of psychological issue with hairy men (like self-consciousness), then she may not be able to get over this initial concern long enough for anything else to develop between them anyway.

So if she does feel differently about having coarse body hair than others do around her but still wants someone who looks good naked…then go ahead and shave away!

5% to 7% of women think hairy legs are unattractive while 30% to 40% think attractive

For those of you who have been looking for the answer to this question and have yet to find it, let’s take a look at some data.

According to a study conducted by Birchbox, 5% to 7% of women think hairy legs are unattractive while 30% to 40% think they’re attractive. The majority of women, however, 70%find no hair on men unattractive (and even then there’s an “agree” option).

This information should help you understand why so many people are concerned about how many hairs on your body will affect how attractive or otherwise appealing you appear in their eyes!

Most women find hairy legs better

Hairy legs are a sign of masculinity, and most women find them more appealing. The reason is simple: hair makes the male body look more masculine and powerful.

Men with hairy legs tend to be stronger, tougher, and better able to protect their women from danger.

Women think that men should have a lot of facial hair because this shows they’re mature enough to take care of themselves; it also indicates that he’s been around for a while (and thus experienced).

Do girls like guys with hairy legs?

Yes, girls do like guys with hairy legs. They like it because the hair on a man’s legs feels different from the hair on their own body and it makes a difference in how they feel about you as a person.

They also like rubbing against your leg hair and smelling it. It smells so good! Girls will often say that they’re attracted to someone because of his smell or just by looking at him.

Why don’t most men shave their legs?

You might think that men are more likely to shave their legs because they’re more concerned with hygiene, but there are a few other reasons.

First, most men have more testosterone than women and therefore need less shaving to keep their hair in check.

Second, guys tend to have more body hair than women do even if you don’t see it on the surface of your leg (and you probably won’t), it’s there nonetheless.

Thirdly: facial hair! And finally: guys aren’t as likely to want to shave their legs as girls are—for one thing, because some of them like having a bit of stubble around the ankles/knees area so they can feel “manly.”

Why do most men have hairy arms and hairy legs but not hairy chests?

Hair on the chest is more associated with women, gay men, and bodybuilders than it is with guys who don’t do any physical activity. This has to do with our evolutionary history as well as what you see on TV!

For example, if you look at old cave paintings from prehistoric times (showing people hunting animals), they were covered in long fur from head to toe, and it wasn’t just because they were cold!

If a guy has hairy legs, does that mean he’s gay?

No. Hairy legs aren’t necessarily a sign of being gay or bisexual. In fact, some people think that having hairy legs is actually an indication of masculinity and virility (which is why athletes often shave their legs).

And others believe that hirsuteness can be seen as proof of strength and power, something to be proud of!

Are men with shaved legs attractive to women?

Well, the answer is: yes! Women are more attracted to men with hairy legs than those who have shaved their legs.

On the other hand, women don’t like it when their dates wear shorts that show off their inner thighs and calves. This can make them feel uncomfortable because they don’t want any attention drawn to those areas of the body that aren’t covered by clothing.

Is it weird to shave your legs as a guy?

The answer is no. It’s not weird to shave your legs as a guy. If you want to do it, go ahead and do it! If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine too.

As long as there are no health reasons why one shouldn’t shave their legs (i.e., rashes/itchy skin), then whatever works best for your body is just fine.

Why do guys have hairy legs?

It’s a genetic trait, so your dad or grandfather may have had hairy legs. It is also a sign of masculinity and virility.

Men have more testosterone than women and this can cause hair to grow on the body because it makes you look like a manly man!

However, if you don’t shave your legs then they will begin to feel scratchy and uncomfortable after a while – so make sure that you shave regularly!


Most of the time men with hairy legs are seems muscular, and powerful. As a result of that, women preferred them over clean shaved legs.

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