Do tinder matches expire?


How Long Do Liked Profiles Last On Tinder?

As you know, when someone likes your profile on Tinder, their profile is added to your matches list. These are people who are potentially interested in meeting up with you and can be matched again if they swipe right on your profile on the same day or later.

Do tinder matches expire? Tinder matches expire after 30 days! This means that if you don’t message them within 30 days of being matched (or vice versa), that person will automatically be removed from the app as part of Tinder’s automatic cleanup process.

The Worst Thing That Can Happen When Your Profile Expires

If you’re on Tinder, it’s likely that you’ve already experienced a situation where one of your matches has accidentally expired. You’ll see their profile and be reminded of how much fun you had together, but then…you’ll remember that they aren’t there anymore.

It’s painful enough for the person who lost their match—but it can also be jarring for someone like me who was just looking through a bunch of profiles to see if any new interesting people have come along since I last checked in.

Does Upgrading To Tinder Gold Renew Your Likes?

Tinder Gold is a premium service that allows you to see who has liked you, get rid of ads, and gain additional profile controls. It’s not a subscription service, though – so don’t worry about your Tinder Gold subscription expiring or renewing. If you want to continue receiving all the benefits of Tinder Gold (like unlimited likes), make sure you purchase it for at least one more month before your current subscription expires.

Does Unmatching On Tinder Delete Your Profile?

When someone swipes right on your profile, it creates a match between the two of you. But if they swipe left and don’t want to see your profile again, they can hit “unmatch” so you’ll no longer be connected on Tinder.

But what happens when one person does this? Does it mean that their connection to that person is gone forever?

Not exactly! Here’s everything that happens when one person unmatches another:

Unmatching doesn’t delete your profile or any of its information from Tinder’s system entirely; it simply means that other users cannot see it anymore (and vice versa). This means if someone finds someone else who catches their eye, later on, s/he can still swipe right and connect with them even if they were previously matched with another user.

Unmatching does not delete any messages between those two people; Tinder keeps all messages private unless otherwise specified by either party (such as through app settings). It doesn’t affect any pictures either—they’re still stored within Tinder’s database along with other user data.

You can use this feature to save matches that you want to keep but don’t want to message yet.

  • Save a match to your favorites.
  • Save a match in a group you’ve created
  • Save a match in one of your lists (for example, “my dream dates”)
  • Save a match into your stack (for example, “possible hookups”)
  • Send an auto-reminder email for each saved match 30 days after it expires

Do Tinder matches go away?

It turns out that Tinder matches expire after 3 days, if you don’t message the person or if you don’t like them. If neither of those things happens within 3 days, then your match will disappear from your list and all evidence of this connection will be erased from the internet.

Do Tinder matches disappear if you don’t message?

Your match won’t disappear and be replaced with another match just because you didn’t reply right away. That would be cruel!

Instead, Tinder will automatically renew your expired match after 30 days. You’ll see an alert notification on your screen with the person’s profile picture and some basic information (e.g., age, location), but it can take up to 24 hours for their full profile to load onto your phone again.

So take note of that when you see this alert! If you want to end up with a fresh batch of potential dates for yourself, consider deleting those old expired matches from your account so that they’re not hanging around in case someone else swipes right on them later on down the line (and then deletes them).

Does Tinder automatically Unmatch?

When you unmatch a user, that person will be removed from your list of matches. If they have also unmatched you, then you won’t see each other’s profiles in the future.

If a user has not unmatched you and is still on your list of matches, they will continue to show up as a potential match when Tinder gives them the “greater affinity” rating under their name.

How do I find lost matches on Tinder?

If you’re using Tinder and want to save a match for later, it can be hard to keep track of which ones you’ve already matched with. Luckily, there’s a way to find your lost matches on Tinder. Check out this article to learn how!

When do tinder matches expire?

Your Tinder matches expire every 30 days if you don’t send a message to them. You can also see if someone has unmatched or blocked you by going to their profile and looking at the “matches” section, where it will show how many days it has been since they were last active on Tinder (7 days).

How long do Tinder matches last?

The good news is that your friends on Tinder aren’t going anywhere. But if you want more information about this topic, check out our article: When Do Matches Expire On Tinder?


Matches on Tinder expire after 24 hrs if they haven’t messaged each other, so make sure you message your matches! It’s also a good idea to add them as a friend on Facebook.

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