How many likes on tinder to be a popular user in 2022?


The number of likes you receive on Tinder is linked to your popularity, but it can also be an indicator of how attractive you are. If a user has a lot of likes in 12 hours and has received these likes within their first 24 hours on Tinder, this indicates that they are an attractive person with a high level of desirability.

How many likes on tinder to be a popular user?

The average number of likes for popular users is between 100 and 200 by 12 hours after joining the app. There is not much difference between male and female users when it comes to the number. However, women tend to have slightly more likes.

How many likes and matches you should have?

You’ve probably noticed that some guys on Tinder get a lot of likes and matches, while other guys don’t.

The average guy gets 1-2 likes per day and only matches with 10% of the girls they like.

How do you make it into this elusive group of highly popular users?

Here is what we found:

  • You need at least 100 likes per day to start matching well with girls. This means you will see 1 out of every 5 or 6 girls who come across your profile in the app as someone who could be a match for you.
  • You need 250-500+ for hot girls to start liking you back. We aren’t sure if this is because hot girls are less likely to like others or because more attractive men have more attractive profiles so more attractive women are more likely to swipe right on them.

If these numbers sound low, it’s because they are! Most guys get around 1 match per week (about 7%). That’s why we created an app that gives everyone access to numerous beautiful models looking for dates!

Data analysis of tinder popular users:

  • The number of likes received on Tinder is directly proportional to a user’s popularity
  • Researchers at the University of Sydney investigated the number of likes received by users on Tinder and found that the top 5% of users have received at least 200 likes in total.

The top 5% of users have received at least 200 likes in total.

The top 5% of users have received at least 200 likes in total. This means that if you’re still in the 0 to 100 range, it may take a while for your profile to get noticed. The good news is that Tinder’s algorithm makes it easy for people who receive lots of likes to be matched with other popular users.

How do you know if you’re popular on tinder?

The short answer is: by looking at the number of likes and matches you have. In addition to this, there are several other ways of determining your popularity level: the number of new matches, messages, super likes, and the number of likes per day.

What is considered a popular user on tinder?

The more likes you get, the more likely you are to be perceived as a popular user. If you are getting more than 100 likes per day, then you can safely say that people consider you to be popular on tinder.

However, there are other ways to figure out if someone is a “popular” user like the number of total matches and how many messages they receive.

How many likes is the average on Tinder?

To determine if you are getting more or less than average Tinder likes, you must first look at your own location.

If you live in New York City, for example, then the number of likes you get may be higher or lower than someone living in London. The average range for how many likes someone gets on Tinder is between 40-100; this means that some users will have a lot more than others and vice versa.

This is because when it comes to dating apps like Tinder, there are many factors that can affect your popularity:

  • how much time do I spend swiping?
  • How often do I swipe right?
  • How attractive am I in real life?

These questions can only be answered by looking at yourself and determining whether or not these things apply to you personally.

For example: if someone is kind of ugly but has great personality traits (i.e., a good sense of humor), then they will likely get more attention than other users who don’t possess those qualities but instead have better looks yet lack personality traits.

Are 99+ likes on Tinder good?

For a guy, 99+ likes on Tinder is a sign of popularity. 99+ likes on Tinder will make a profile look good and increase his chances of getting matches in the future.

Does Tinder tell you if you are popular?

No, Tinder does not tell you if you are popular. You can only see your popularity by the number of matches and likes that you get.

How many likes do you get on Tinder for 12 hours?

The average amount of likes you’ll get on Tinder per day is 100. If you want to know how many likes you need to get on Tinder to be a popular user, then multiply that number by 10.

What is the success rate on Tinder?

You’re more likely to get a reaction on Tinder if you’re popular. Popular users are those with the most likes and matches, and also those who receive more responses than average.

A study conducted by Tinder found that the success rate for a user’s first message is about 10%. This number increases based on how many matches they get; people who have zero matches have a 5% chance of getting an answer, while people with 100 matches can expect an 18% response rate.

The success rates vary depending on whether you’re sending messages to men or women—men are more likely to respond than women (13% vs 9%). However, popular men who receive lots of likes have an even higher success rate: 16%.

How many likes is good for a guy?

The more likes you get, the better your chances of finding a match.

For most people, Tinder is an easy way to meet new people and make new friends. If you want to maximize your chances of success on Tinder, it’s important to understand how many likes on Tinder will help you find what you’re looking for – or at least get it off the ground.

How do guys get likes on Tinder?

To have more likes on Tinder, you need to be active. You’ll also want to get your profile as good as possible. If you can make a bio that stands out and is interesting, that will help too. Having a good picture is important of course but so is making sure it’s clean and well-lit.

Finally, avoid using filters! It makes the photo look washed out and doesn’t show what the person actually looks like in real life.”

Do popular guys get more likes?

There’s a very simple answer to this question: yes.

The more photos and bios you have, the more likely it is for someone looking for a date will find you. This is true for both guys and girls on Tinder. And if there are more people swiping through these profiles, chances are that more matches will be made as well. Therefore, if you want to be liked on Tinder then yes – you need to be popular!

Is tinder-like a sign of popularity

As mentioned earlier in this post, having more than 100 likes is a pretty good indicator of popularity on Tinder. However, it’s worth noting that different people have different standards for what they consider “popular”.

Some users might only be interested in getting as many matches as possible without caring about the number of likes their profile gets; others might want just one match but will make sure to get at least 50-100 before giving up.

So it’s really up to you when deciding how many likes on Tinder are enough for your specific needs!

How hard it is to get likes on tinder?

It is a great deal easier to get likes on Tinder if you are honest about who you are, what your intentions are, and what you like.

Here’s the thing: most people who use Tinder aren’t looking for love or anything serious. They’re playing around and having fun, but their profiles reflect this in a way that makes it obvious they aren’t serious about dating.

The profiles of those who do want something more serious generally have a different tone than those with an “I’m just here to play” attitude, which means they stand out in a very positive way.

How a profile can be better for more likes?

The next thing to do is to create a profile and upload photos. This can be a little tricky because it depends on how many likes on tinder you have. If you have very few, it might be better to stick with just one picture of yourself, so that potential matches will see that you’re a real person who uses Tinder and not an automated bot of some sort.

However, if you have plenty of likes on tinder already (or plan on getting them), then uploading more than one photo will help your profile stand out from the crowd and make sure people can see who they’ll be talking with before they swipe right.

Make sure these photos show different sides of yourself—your best side! Make sure they capture your personality in an interesting way by choosing photos that are unique or active rather than typical “selfies” taken in front of mirrors or bathroom doors. A good bio is also important here; don’t be afraid to use GIFs!

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