How much does it cost to get laid?

It is most boys’ dream of getting laid more often, however, dreams become handy if you are a budgeted person. Money always has been the single most important factor in getting laid and getting women more often.


Don’t worry I will go deep into this problem and try to find out the solution for you.

First of all, if you had enough money and experience to get laid with a lot of women then you might not come here to read this article. Or maybe you want to save money and still get your hands on quality women.

In both situations, you can manage your budget, and still, you can have fun with women.


How much does it cost to get laid?

Cost for traditional style date:

Events Cost
Per outing $80
Rent for room $120
Cab fare $15

Cost for online date:

Events Cost
App fee $25 to $30/mo
Rent for room $120
Cab fare $15

Other cost for date:

Events Cost
Coffee date $20
Wine & food $30

Why budget is important?

If you are the type of person who gets laid once a month then you don’t have to worry about the budget. But if you are the type of person who laid more often then you should concern about your Finance. Because nobody wants to end up being a broke month after month.

Most guys with a high level of testosterone end up having sex at least twice a week.

Maybe you are thinking it doesn’t cost must getting laid to is a week. But you are wrong. Because you are not counting on the money those you spend throughout the whole week to get dost women. So you are missing out and misunderstanding the true cost of getting laid.

This is why getting laid more often may affect their mental and financial life.

Should I get laid more often?

It depends on the person’s testosterone level and willingness to meet hot girls. Boys cannot stay out of girls for a long time. They must make the girls no matter what happened and no matter how hard is for their financial life, they will go to women.

It is important to track down your economical health because of getting laid too often? Then you should not be getting laid too often. However, you can use their money to get laid.


So if you are not financially solvent you can use their money to get laid more often without raining your financial life. It is important to understand the factors which control the cost of it.


Factors that control the cost


Time is the single most important factor that determines the cost of getting laid because if you are dating a girl for 3 days before getting laid the cost would be different than dating a girl 10 days before getting laid. See how significant the time is.

You will be surprised when you actually monitor the time. The time has the ability to cut off your cost by half or it can threefold your cost.

So if you can make your move quick and if you are able to take women to your bed within a short time then you are already cutting your cost by many folds.


The big cities like New York, and Los Angeles likely cost more than the smaller cities. Because the restaurants in the big cities are expensive, the bars are expensive and the mindset of the girls is expensive too.

So if you are going to meet women in Los Angeles then they are going to cost you more because the foods are expensive, and the places are expensive.


If you are tsking women to your room then you can easily cut the cost off rent for a night. So this significantly reduces the cost of getting laid. At the same time getting laid into own room can cut off the other expenses like costly food and parking cars.

Instead of going to bar or expensive restaurant, you can take the women to your place and offer her some exciting games or watch movies with homemade food or sometime quality food with some drinks.

It will always be inexpensive and safe to take women to your home and then goes to expensive hotels.

Eating habit

If you can manage women with a glass of beer or wine or some snacks then you can cut a lot of costs of. Because the Italian restaurants or the expensive restaurant will cost way more than going to a bar or Local Coffee shop.

So it is up to you how you want to manage your cost. If you are willing to spend more then you can definitely spend the money on one woman but if you are not new Must Think about all the factors that control your expense.

Types of women

It is not always to that all women are spoiled. I know women love shopping in the lab for expensive food expensive right everything is expensive. However, you are not making relationships with women you are just getting them on your bed.

So you are looking for the types of quality women that look good and hot just to make a physical relationship with them. And if you can present yourself well if you seem interesting enough for them then they will definitely make a physical relationship with you because they have the sexual needs like men and they’re also not looking for rich guys because they are not making a long time relationship with you.

To have sex more often with women without spending a lot of time and money on them you should look for hot single moms.

You should definitely use adult dating websites that are specially dedicated to having casual relationships within a short time.


It is also important how you can meet women because if you are willing to meet your local women in real life not using technology, then you have to make friends with them, you have to invite them for a drink, you should go to the local bar and then picking up the women.

And you cannot always be successful picking up women on the day you meet them at the bar or Local Coffee shop for sex because they might not want to. After spending some time maybe two or three days maybe 10 days maybe a month then they can agree to have sex with you.

Now, what about the cost if you are already spent three or four days with her buying hard a coffee or a dream then you already spent some 100 bucks on her.

But if you are using adult dating sites where all the women are looking for a casual relationship with the available man they come across then you don’t need to spend two or three days with her in a local bar or restaurant. You can talk for three or four days or maybe 10 days before mutually agreeing on went to have sex and how to have sex. And take her to your home and get laid with her spending Virtually nothing.

Critics will say you have to pay some dollars on monthly basis to those dating websites but my answer is how much is that maybe 30 dollars a month. Is that really a big amount I don’t think so.


To impress some women evening to work expensive clothes. If you are meeting those Pacific types of women then your clothing expense will be added to your expense list. So my suggestion is not to meet Superman who loves expensive clothes because they are goal tickets and their spoiled. They will not stop spending unless you went up broke.

The key takeaway of the point is you should avoid a flashy lifestyle at all costs because it is not only for you to spend a lot more than really need it is also unnecessary.

How to control the cost?

Controlling the cost of getting laid truly depends on the person I am talking to because it is you who can control the cost. The guy who spends more will get more women but the guy who spends less will also get a lot of women if he follows some tricks.

So always spending money is not a good idea this is why I am writing this article to you.

It is up to you either you can choose a hotel to stay at at night or you can take women to your home. It is also up to you if you are willing to spend time with spoiled girls for you want to meet the real women who truly need sex. So your mindset with determining your cost.

To avoid all the unnecessary costs of meeting women in local restaurants coffee shops or bar you can simply put a one-line Hookah platform to meet real women around you and you can invite them to state to your home to spend time with you on your bed. And there is a high chance of dating invitation from them to go to their place and stay with them. This is even more attractive because it cost you Virtually nothing.

But no matter what type of person you are you can always save some money by not going to expensive Italian restaurants and renting an expensive hotel to stay in. You can simply take her to the local bar or coffee shop and then invite her to your home that. It should not spend more than 3 days before getting laid because it will develop people at your expense every single day. So faster is better.

Should I avoid the cost?

Why shouldn’t you? You should avoid costs if you can because it’s your money and if should not rest your money when you have the opportunity of saving it.

If you follow the rules I mention above then you can significantly catch your cost of having sex with women. And you are avoiding cost without compromising the quality of women. It is not like you are just going after the sugar mama.

You are carefully picking up women who are not spoiled, and by doing so you are reducing your cost. So you should definitely avoid cost if you can.

What types of women are expensive?

The woman with very high ambition and who loves expensive shopping, going to expensive restaurants, and riding expensive cars. These types of women will make you broke so try to avoid them at all costs.

Usually, teen girls and very hot girls have more demand in society. A lot of boys try to approach them for getting love. So they are very demandable and most of the time there very expensive to maintain.

But I am not telling you don’t go to hot girls because you can’t definitely go to them using online adult dating platforms to reduce the time of getting sex and reduce the cost.

Should I higher escort to get laid?

Cost of different types of women:

Types Cost
Massage Parlors $70 to $300
Street Walkers $40 to 150
Call Girls $200 to $450
Escorts $300 to $750

Well, it definitely depends on your mindset if you are going to escorts or not, because it’s you who will decide what types of women you are willing to meet. Some of you are very busy with your job so you don’t have much time to meet women and tell them to get laid. Hiring a female escort will help you get laid.

Secondly, if you are traveling a lot of time then it is hard to find a man in those places where you are just staying for one or two days, hiding a sex worker is an easy solution for them.

But I definitely do not recommend anyone who has at least 1 hour to spend on women every day. I recommend them to use adult Hookah sites to meet women who are willing to get laid.


The cost of getting laid definitely depends on your strategy and the place you are living in. So if you spend more time with a girl before getting laid then you are using more money and resource on them but if you technically avoid the time then you can definitely save money.

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