How to seduce a girl?

All men like to associate with young women but those who are a little smart only get popularity among girls.

But you will not be disappointed, in this post, I have described how you can seduce a young woman and how you can take her home very easily.


Let’s see how a young girl can be seduced.

Why temptation?

There is no substitute for the temptation to get into a young woman’s mind and arouse her sexual arousal. Only through the process of seduction can a girl give her her best, which can lead to intense sexual desire.

If you want to hang out with girls frequently, there is no substitute for seduction.

Which is better, flirting versus seduction?

Usually, men use flirting for fun. This technique helps to make friends with a girl. However, you cannot satisfy your sexual desire by flirting with her directly.

But yes, of course without farting you can’t understand that girl’s attitude and you can’t subdue her.

Temptation is like playing with a girl’s mind. The direct way to seduce her is to seduce her and satisfy her sexual desire.

You can’t seduce a girl without flirting, you can’t have sex with her unless you ask questions again.

But temptation is best for men who aren’t just interested in being friends and are eager to meet new women every day. Do you know how to seduce your teacher? If not read that post first.

Is seduction good?

The process of seduction has been used by both men and women for many years to attract the opposite sex. A husband does to his wife as a wife does to her husband. In the same way, men want to seduce any woman just as they want to seduce any woman and the man of her choice.

When it comes to morality, refrain from tempting girls who you should not have sex with.

For example, refrain from seducing your girlfriend. This will create distance between your friends and the matter is immoral.


How to seduce a young girl?

It is not the same thing to seduce a woman and seduces a girl. Due to the huge demand for girls at a young age, they are not interested in having sex with anyone other than the man of their choice. Any girl will want to flirt with you, but if you want to stop them, many will not be interested. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.

Things to do before temptation:


First, you have to see what kind of mentality the girl actually has. Is the girl too angry or too expensive, too romantic or too domestic, she doesn’t like fun, she doesn’t like friendship, she doesn’t want to be quiet or she wants to be alone.

  • The temptation will be different in the process of seducing different girls.
  • Angry girls usually prefer quiet men
  • Naughty Mera likes Bad Boy
  • Girls with calm and homely temperaments prefer confident boys
  • Girls prefer sexually aroused men.

Try to understand in advance which girl will be your target and present yourself accordingly


Second, try to get an idea of ​​the young woman’s age. If he is 18 or younger then the way he will be interested, if he is more than 25 then he will react differently.

However, in this case, the mental age is also considered. Although many girls are older, their mental age does not increase much. In that case, you have to take care of the behavior of this girl.


The attention that is usually given to talking while drinking coffee in a club or a coffee shop is not found in any park or noisy place. So usually try to talk in a secluded place. In this case, you will easily get their attention.

Most men don’t even think about positional benefits. They think that it is not right to be in a nooky place or in a secluded place. The amount of attention any girl pays to you in a secluded place will be second to none.


Make sure to flirt with the girl before you seduce her, free her with you. It will be comfortable for her to understand that you want to be friends with her. And will easily give you a positive attitude towards your behavior.

If you don’t know how to flirt, read this article.

I have divided the whole process into two parts to seduce a girl. In the first process where you will be tempted to light and try to understand whether he is really interested in going deeper with you.

And in the second part, you will tempt him deeply.

Step 1:

The first step is divided into five parts, the first step is to go from the girl to her full attention to the tasks that need to be done.

So let’s take a look at how the first step is to turn a girl lightly tempting.

Going to the young lady:

It is very important to approach the young girl you want to seduce. But now the issue is how you can get closer to it. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.

This includes what kind of clothes you are wearing, what kind of body spray you are using, what your haircut is, what you actually look like, what your clothes look like, your overall body language, and your dress code. Remember that the first impression is the last impression.

If she doesn’t like seeing you, she will never want to like you. Maybe later but you have to work harder. But if you can present yourself as a cheerful confidant in a very nice way then you will definitely be curious. Curiosity is a prerequisite for any girl.

Try to make him laugh:

If you ask any dating expert or man who is much more popular among girls, he will say that if you are able to make any woman or any young girl laugh, then you can easily mix with her. Your partner will like you a lot just as he will give you a positive attitude.

But it is not so easy to make girls laugh that you will go and tell a joke and it will happen. Remember that one bad joke is enough to bring a negative impression on you.

Read this article to know how to make a girl laugh.

Keep an eye out:

It is very important to keep an eye on the girl. When you look into his eyes and talk with a naughty sweet smile, he will understand what you really want. When you talk to any young lady with a naughty smile on her face, she will realize that you are deeply interested in her.

You can win the positive perception of a person by looking him in the eye.

Hold her hand:

Understand the time and hold his hand gently. Keep your eyes on her and keep your hands on her hips as you speak. Hold her hand and try to understand if she is actually giving a sweet smile or if she wants to take her hand away from you.

If you do not want to understand that he is actually trying to get lost in you and you are succeeding.

Touch is one of the most important factors in creating sexual interest between a man and a woman. You can never have a strong interest in her without touching her and at first, you can’t touch her waist or neck. This is a sensitive place.

Try to understand if you are interested in it. Hold her hand, go to her, bring her to you, keep an eye on her and keep talking with a sweet smile.

When you see that he likes these things, it means that he is giving you a positive signal.

Understand his attitude:

Before moving on to the second step of the temptation, one of the biggest things to keep in mind is how his reaction is, whether he is taking every step he has taken so far positively, or whether he is really upset.

If he gets bored then you have to change your work. You may have to slow down or he may want something else.

If he does your job well then you enter the second step and take him deeper into you to create more sexual arousal with him.

Step 2:

After the success of the first step, it is basically the last step where you can match it with your own thoughts and your own consciousness.

Let’s see what we can do in the third step

Touching sensitive areas of the body:

In the first step you are already touching her hand and she is getting your fill. But in this way you have to increase the amount of your side. You can touch her waist and you can even touch her neck and neck.

The news will gossip and gossip but will create sexual arousal in him and he will realize that the day is slowly getting lost in you. You will seize the opportunity.

Get too close:

You move as close as you can, you move as close to you as you can by touching her gently, you can feel her touch and the smell of her body.

In this case, you can proceed in two ways, if the girl is sensual in nature, you can hug her directly and start kissing her. But if I am not so sensual then I can gently kiss her and see what she really wants.

Keep kissing:

Keep touching her gently, give her a chance to relax, and keep prolonging your situation.

You have already made him very interested and the attempt to seduce him has been successful. You know how to do it if you want to have sex with her.


Scheduling depends on how smart you are, how intelligently you understand a certain attitude, and how you present yourself accordingly. Focus on your physical appearance to make a girl submissive and make yourself smiling confident.

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