Lewdchat – Over 60k monthly active users!

Since its first online presence in 2017, this chat room is serving sexting communities for over 6 years. And over time the quality of their service and smooth User experience is taking them in such a high position that others only could dream of.


Lewdchat review 2022

The number of users:

The estimated number of active users is over 60000 per month. Almost 49% were real American users along with 23% Indian users, followed by 8.6% and 6% from UK and Canada respectively.

This is it strong indication of a top-of-the-line while performed dedicated trusted sexting websites. As there you are going to meet most American guys and girls this website will full feel your sexual desire of talking with strangers one line.


Types of chat rooms:

They offer two different types of chat rooms one for English users and others for Spanish users. Well Aldo most of they are user base is from English-speaking countries. So you are going to meet most American English or Canadian girls.

However, this website is not alien to Spanish-speaking people because it offered a separate dedicated chat option for people who speak Spanish.

User experience:

Well if you look at their website it seems old school just a WordPress website installation with a basic theme. But don’t go with the look they offer much more than they look. It may not look to you but it is 100% effective.

If this website a scam, then many people wouldn’t become to this website every month and spend their time on nothing.

As a free sexting platform, they don’t have enough funding to spend on developing a fancy platform and maintaining a large-scale developers team.

So they camera with a better solution and build the website on a simple free platform, however, this is equally effective on both mobile devices and computers.

No registration policy:

They’re very careful about user security. So they claim no registration policy so that users don’t need to hesitate to use this perform. Lewdchat is completely anonymous however you must not leak your sensitive information to others.

Just click on the chat now button and you will be redirected to their adult chat rooms to meet strangers from various corners of the US and outside the US.

24/7 service:

This chat line is up and running around the clock. You can easily access it anytime and from any place. There is no downtime, no off time.

No termination:

You are open to talk on any topic and anything nobody is going to terminate your account however this suggests being respectful to other users and not using offensive words. Going to arguments is also prohibited.

You can talk to any woman on this platform on any topic depending on your sexual interest however you must not talk one political or any sensitive issues that heart your partner’s mind.

Informative blogs:

They have some very informative blog posts on how you should behave on their platform and how you can make your journey interesting.

If you are thinking about nobody texting these days you are wrong. They have over 60k users on their platform who are continuously looking for meeting strangers.

The problem is most of the new guys don’t know how to convince women over sex with the platform. But they have right in several posts on their blog on how to behave on this platform and how you can be a better fuck buddy.

Is it free for everyone?

Yes, this platform is always free nobody is claiming your registration or no one is going to ask you for money. The chat room is completely free.

Is it ads-free?

Well not actually no free adult chat room is advertisement free because they need money to maintain their platform. So if you are not paying them then who will pay them? They display Ads on their platform and by doing so they earn small margins.

If you are really interested in sexting platforms without advertisement then Lewdchat is not for you.

My thought

Oral this website is lovely and 100% recommendable as a free adult at room or free sext platform. But you know what I do not love free things because they contain boring ads and other security leakages. So if you have some money then you should look for premium once

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