r/SnapchatSext – Is it legit or a total scam?

This platform was made for those who think you can find a sexting partner on a place like reddit.com. But no matter what the motive is and no matter how many users there are scammers here. It won’t take long for you to be fooled. I do not recommend using this platform in any way.


So let’s take a look at what this platform has?

r/SnapchatSext review


The number of users on the platform is about 35 thousand. Although there are so many users, the number of users online is very less, but another interesting thing is that all the users online are mostly sex fraudsters who are sitting to steal your information and harm you.

Most of the users here are very low quality. If you want to use it, you can, but it’s only a matter of moments before you get cheated.

I will express why I am against this platform throughout the content.


How to join?

This is a subreddit, if you have an account on reddit.com then you can become a member of this community by just clicking the join button, but in this case, your legal age must be more than 18 years.

Overall Community and Service:

When you join r/snapchatsextx you will first find five options, one on the right side and four on the left side.

Four options on the left side:

Hot: Click on this hot option to find out which topics are currently trending and which user posts people are most interested in.

New: On the right side is the New option, click here to see all the new users who have posted.

Top: On the right side is the top option where you can click on the topmost posts only.

Dot symbol: There are three-dot symbols on the right side whereby clicking you will get the rising option which will find out which of your posts are currently popular and which posts will be very popular in the future.

Options on the right side:

On the right side, you will find the option of how you want to view the entire web page. There are three different view options: Card, Classic, and Compact. You can change them as you wish. This will not affect your use of the platform.

Now you will find community posts that other users have made. But if you look at the posts here, you will see that most of the users are probably scammers. They are attracting men by sending highly sexually stimulating posts and if you ever email or call them, you will find someone chatting with you and asking you to sign up to some other website. Or you will see a cash app or bitcoin to meet you and demand money.

Avoid sex cheats. I am not talking about using the platform in any way. Although many may tell me that Reddit is much more popular and regularly moderated.

Fraudsters basically find loopholes in these security systems and exploit them through loopholes.

Although there are about 35,000 users on this web platform, very few are online. If you see here, the rules say no scam, no selling, but the reality is completely different.

My personal opinion:

Although reddit.com is very popular and one of the most trusted platforms in America, most of the posts in the adult section are scammers.

Think about it where there are hundreds of men queuing up behind girls, why would they come to these platforms to find men?

Where the most popular and premium adele platforms are no more than 30 or 40 percent female, why are sites like Reddit or CL suddenly about 90 percent female? Because these are not girls, they are basically fraudsters who are setting up a trap to steal your financial information.

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