Sex emulator – Is sex emulator legit?

The Sex Emulator is something that the porn game industry is looking for, a free 3d sex game experience that works on every device. They offer 10 different types of games with updated characters, endless customization, and user collaboration like adult dating platforms and so on.


So, without wasting time, let’s drive in.

Sex emulator has added a new dimension to the world of 3D sex games. The website, which has been at its peak of popularity for the past few years with around 3 lakh users, has 19% Indian users, 16% American users, 11% German users, and about 4% Mexican users visiting the website and its services on a monthly basis.

But the interesting thing is that this website is dominated by Indian and Mexican users. Although American Germans and other Europeans make up about half of the total number of users, I was really surprised by the popularity of this website in Mexico and India.


Website UI:

On entering the website you will see a user-friendly Play Now button, which will take you to the game as soon as you click it. But in this case, some questions will be asked about what kind of games you like or what kind of character you want, by answering which you can come here and play 3D emulator games very easily.

How do you play?

If you don’t know how to play, this website has dedicated how-to-play articles. There are ten types of 3D sex and other porn games that are well played with separate how-to articles published on each game.

You can read them carefully if you want and you can enjoy the games very easily. Besides, there are options for you where you can easily find answers to your questions.

Sex emulator game modes

First, there are five game modes: Tips Oil, Furry, Tentacles, and Handcuffs. This is followed by Anal, Pussy Play, Group Sex, Dance, and Fist.

What kind of games are good for whom?

Tits: This game can be very enjoyable for men who like girls with big breasts and who think that girls with big breasts will put their breast on their penis and have fun.

Oily: There are many who like oil skin and those who go lube or well with any girl they will have sex with 3D Sex emulator games.

Furry: In the world of 3d games, many people want to get girls wearing furry costumes. They want a girl to have sex with and Furry games are there to satisfy their furry fantasy.

Tentacles: Tentacles are for those who have a slightly different kind of fantasy and want to apply it a little differently.

Handcuff: There are many who prefer to handcuff women to bed and hook them up. To fulfill such fantasy there are hand cup games for them where you can match your female character by hand cupping them as you wish.

Anal: The number of men who do not like anal sex is very small. For those who only like big butts, this anal sex game play where you can anal sex your cutie character.

Pushy fuck: Pushy fuck gameplay is for those who like the classic type of sex and those who think they will meet my 3D cartoon character straight away where you will have the fun of classic sex.

Group sex: There are many who prefer group sex with multiple men and multiple women. Those who think that their sex life will be fulfilled by meeting more than one person. There are group sex options for those who can get together with multiple characters.

Dance: For those who are used to going to strip clubs and like girls’ naked dance, there is this option where your cartoon character will dance naked as you want and make you happy.

Fists: For those who have slightly different sexual needs and prefer fists, this is the option where you will see your cartoon character fully insert your foot into his penis.

We hope that’s ten different levels of sex-enhancing gameplay will delight you. And in most cases, it has been observed that some of the most popular games are usually played. But there are other games for those with exceptional needs.

How to customize your female character?

First, select the game level:

It is very important to select the level of what kind of sex you want to have with your Katun character. Do you actually want something soft or want something extreme?

Select soft if you prefer something like your sector is dancing naked with you or masturbating. But if you want to have sex with a character then select the hard. But if you want to do something extreme like anal sex then definitely select extreme.

Give your sex character a cute name:

The most interesting thing is that if you are attracted to a woman in real life and if you are not close to her, then you can get the sexual fantasies you have with her in your sex doll. In that case, give her name to the sex doll.

At this time this game will gradually become more interesting to you. Because now you are going to choose which type of female character you like, even her ethnicity, hair color, breast size, and other skills. Which you can choose according to your choice.

So let’s see what to select?

Ethnicity: Do you prefer Latina girls, Black African girls, or White American girls? Select any female character you like.

Hair Color: Now select the type of hair you like or what your hair color can be. You can choose whether you prefer black hair, or whether you prefer red-haired girls.

Breast shape: Many girls have different fantasies about breast shape and size. In that case, do not despair, this website has a special opportunity for you to choose a breast shape!

You can also add other skills to them. For example, if you like anal sex more, then increase the size of your sex character’s butt, and if you like cock sucking, then increase the sucking option.

Game Settings:

Although initially, I don’t recommend anyone to change the game setting, it’s better to leave it at default. But if you are pro-level or if you know how to change camera settings, and preferences then take some time to change and see how to get the best quality experience.

Of course, you can get your maximum sex experience through game settings.

Settings include camera plan settings, camera zoom in, zoom out, camera angle settings, performance, speed settings, and background change.

Let’s take a look at how they work one by one:

Camera Plan Setting: Camera zoom in and zoom out settings allow you to see how your cut character is performing, from which angle you prefer to see it, from above or below, from the side.
It is possible to control everything from the front, or by zooming in or wanting to see the whole scene.

Among other games on the market, I find it the most suitable because here you can fulfill your fantasies as you wish.

Speed ​​and Motion: Also another preference is that many people prefer romantic type sex, while many prefer very hard sex who want to go straight. This can also be controlled.

Change the background: In addition, many people want to do it in the natural environment, in the forest next to the shower, and many people want to do it in the room. You can change the background wherever you want.

Can I play the Sex emulator on mobile?

Android Store or App Store does not allow such sex applications. But the good news for you is that their website is designed in such a way that it performs very well on mobile devices. You may not realize that you are using the apps directly from the website without downloading them.

Are the Sex emulator games free?

Yes, of course! The best thing is that they are giving their games completely free. But in this case, if you want to get a premium experience, then, of course, you can.
But the interesting thing is that there’s no reason to go for the premium option where you’re getting everything for free, but those who like a lot of control can.

Can I use VR technology?

At the moment, coming to the end of 2022, this game has not yet started using VR technology. But they are working on VR technology. Hopefully, soon you can have a better experience using VR technology.

Why is the Sex emulator better than other websites?

It comes with a new cutting-edge character which you will find new if you use it regularly. Besides, it offers the best 3d sex game experience without the cost.

Which devices are supported:

This game is actually browser-supported, device doesn’t matter here; You can play on any device. Since the play store does not allow such apps to be placed in the apple store, they are designed in such a way that you can easily play on any device with any browser. However, this game performs well on mobile and tablet devices.

Can I play with players?

Yes! The most interesting thing is that it is an adult social platform where you can play with players from different parts of the world and share your experience. Much like websites.

My personal opinion:

Having played with the Sex emulator myself and talking to other players I am 100% sure that this website is one of the best sex emulators online. Where you can customize all the animations and cut characters for free and spend as much time as you want with them.

But the best part is that you can contribute to other players. That is, you can mingle with other players here, hiding your identity, just like on sexting websites.

But still, VR technology is not provided on this website. But I think that since VR technology is too expensive to offer, it is very likely that VR technology will open up to everyone at a premium.

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