SexMessenger – Is it a waste of time?

The sex messenger platform is different from the Facebook messenger so no one will be confused by the name. This is not a social media site, this website is a great place for adults to continue their sexually explicit conversations.

The website launched in late 2014 or early 2015 as a place to continue sexually explicit talk or sexting for American adults, and in 2017 it reached the top in consumer popularity.

But with so many ups and downs over time, now that 2022 is over, I don’t want to see this website as the best and most suitable adult dating site.

So let’s take a look at why this website has not gained customer popularity despite its modern design and exceptional service.


SexMessenger Review

What is SexMessenger?

The SexMessenger is an adult social media site where adult men and women open accounts and choose a partner according to their preferences.

On this website you can continue to have sex as you wish, no one will stop you. If you want, you can find the woman of your choice and have a relationship with her. You can even take her home with you.

Number of Users:

The only downside is that this website has very few users. 32% of US users, 22% of Indian users, and 11% and 7% of users in Australia and Canada, respectively. This website has only about 7000 active accounts in total.

Although the number of users increased in 2017 and 2020 after the start of the journey, the number of users decreased in the middle. And that’s why you will find nothing but frustration on this website.

While the number of users of first-line Edel dating platforms is in the millions, the 6000 users is nothing compared to that.

I’m sorry I can’t advise you to use this platform.


This website is modern and has almost all the benefits. As soon as you enter the website, you will see the Join Now button. You can join the website by clicking here.

Also, this website will give 100% performance on both mobile and desktop devices which means this website is 100% accurate in terms of design.

So let’s take a look at the other benefits of this website.

User Area:

When you enter the website you will first see the user area where you can see how many user accounts are active at the moment. Although more users are shown here than real. However, you will see the profile pictures of a number of users who are active at this time.

Below the profile picture will be clearly stated the name of the app age and who they are looking for boy or girl.

Then you will see other common questions and why this website has good questions and answers for you. And descriptions of their communities and their services.

But I think they are exaggerating about their service. Because they don’t have enough members on their platform, no matter what they say, I don’t think their service is one of the best. You can’t communicate with real girls in any way unless you are a member of the committee.


You will have to bear the cost of $ 14.95 per month by accounting here. With this little money, you will get all the benefits. You can talk to anyone you want, get access to the community, and there are forums where you can communicate.

In terms of money, the monthly $14.95 is not too much. With this money, you will not get better service.

Main benefits:

Key features include being able to talk to members, massage them, share your information, and even have sex with them in real life.

If you want, you can publish your pictures, post videos, give your status, and even share your story on it, just like on Facebook or Instagram. You can also go to the forum and ask questions to solve your problem.

This platform is basically an adult social media, not an adult chatroom. But if you want, you can connect with real people here and meet them in real life.

You can talk to people on the phone if you want, and even share your videos with them using a webcam.

If you want, you can find a partner for men and women and even couples. You can find a partner for group sex if you want.

This website has all the benefits that an adult sexting website needs to have. You can have sex with anyone you want and have a relationship with the woman of your choice. You can see that woman naked in the video if you want and you can show her your own naked body.


One thing I didn’t like about this website was the small number of users. With this limited number of users, it is not good to find a woman of your choice from this website. However, I think they have hired female workers with money who continue to talk to men. Much like paid webcams. Moreover, in a community with only 5 or 10 thousand users monthly, you can never find the desired female partner.

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