Sexting Apps – Best sexting apps for Android & IOS 2022 [Free & Paid]

It is always fun to have sex chat with a lot of different women every day. It is the age of video chat however the fan of sexting will never be less. In fact, it reaches a peak recently using sexting numbers, sexting apps & sexting websites.

People from all over the US are enjoying phone chat and text messaging and having nude video conversations.

It is safe?

Sexting is safer than video chat because nobody is watching you. So if you are using a nickname or a fake name then no one can trace who you are.

You cannot express your secret sexual fantasies in a video chat and it is true for all the boys out there, not just for you and me. In my 7 to 8 years of dating coach career, I have seen thousands of males who are not open enough to have that type of stingy conversation with women.

It is also safe because no one can prove that you are at the other end of the conversation unless you are giving out your real name and address and other confidential details.

Why the app is better? 

All the sexting websites can perform sexual conversations however apps perform better on smart devices like smartphones and tablets. it is better optimized for smaller devices so that you can have a smooth and forgettable performance which is near impossible to provide through the website.

Secondly, you can get notifications from your desired apps if you turn on the notification on the particular apps. it is difficult to turn on notifications from websites.

So you are getting easy to turn on and turn off notifications. As a result, you have better control over your actions.

Is all the sexting app reliable? 

Of course, the apps we are mentioning here is 100% tested by me and they are reliable to use for chatting purpose.

The top sexting apps 2022


The first app on our list is Snapchat. Yes, you have heard right, Snapchat is the most popular and reliable testing app out there. You can send text messages you can send your picture you can do anything with this app.

It is a camera app that lets you connect with friends and other users across the globe. It is extremely popular among young teens, especially among people who are 18 to 30.

One of the best features I have come across in this app is you will get notified of screenshots by your partner. So you will know you screenshot it by someone and your private message or picture is a screenshot so you can take action then.

Second, it is fun to use because Snapchat has different types of photo stickers and lots of other silly voices, images, videos, and everything that you need to have fun and your time with joy.

It is a type of social media where you can not only share your photos and videos but also too many private things. So it is not just a sexual app but it is more than it.

The discover feature notifies you about the news and what’s going on around the world.

To conclude this is a website of fun and entertainment. It is not only you can use it for sexting but also you can use it to have an immense amount of fun that no website or app can give you.


Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is actually one of the most popular sexting apps. Join the app anytime and you’ll find millions of sexually promiscuous young women looking for opportunities just for an extramarital affair. Not only this, with the help of message exchange you can offer them extramarital affairs. This app is very famous for web CAM & sex dating.

You can do anything from individual conversations to group conversations. There should be no problem in finding the woman of your choice from the new members who join the app every day.

Although this website allows women to chat for free, men have to pay to use it if they want.


This website works best to find the woman of your choice in a timely manner and safely continue the conversation full of sexual arousal. The sex ratio between men and women is very good and with over a million monthly users you can easily expect good quality service from this app. A safe place for adults to have an extramarital affair where you can easily talk to each other.

You can talk to your own area using advanced search, but you can also talk to girls from any country in the world if you want.

At a much lower cost, this allows you to meet your needs without fear.



The world’s most popular and widely used free dating app tinder. You can continue any sexual conversation. With 50 million monthly users in 190 countries, this app is one of the best sexting apps in the world.

Almost every woman and man in America use this app, so you can easily use this app to have dirty sex with girls.

Although tinder plus and tinder gold can be bought with money, basics tinder you can always use for free.


Plenty of fish

This website is one of the best websites in the world. Here you will easily find the girl of your choice. With which you can continue the conversation full of sexual arousal. With over 150 million members from 20 countries, this website has been serving the sensual boys and girls of America for centuries.



An encrypted messenger that provides 100% security and safety for doing take swapping or other related things. It is not dedicated to testing-related apps however it can be used as a free texting app.

Long till 2013, it’s cute over 100 million users worldwide. It is a free forever website that belongs to just users they can do whatever they want they can one a secret chat or group chat they can share any file they can share videos they can send pictures no one is stopping them.

The best thing I have ever discovered on this platform is free voice calls. So you can add up to 200 members for a group discussion or group chat and everyone can communicate with one another without spending anything.

But I do not recommend this app for everyone because on this platform you are not going to find women to have sex work conversations. Will you can join a lot of groups for that still there is a huge coming community out there who will scam you they will steal your information and create problems on your financial information.



Is one of the most popular self-destructing messengers that supports sexting options. It is available on both IOS and Android. It allows you to share your messages, photos, videos everything.

This app has a feature by which you can upload your photos in this app and take the link to share those on Twitter or Facebook. But I don’t know how this feature helps to get more people to have sex chat.

You can categorize this app as a better social media than Facebook or Twitter with better control and reliability.

I do not recommend using the beaks app for testing purposes unless you have someone who agrees to have a sexual conversation with you. So if you are looking for a reliable messenger to have a sexual conversation with your partner then this app will help you but you cannot find other people easily using this app for sexting.



It is one of the best sexting apps with a decent amount of strangers looking for sexual conversation. So it is good to have a random conversation with strangers. It is also an adult social media platform in which you can meet all of your now-to friends as well as no strangers to having that kind of conversation.

You can send your photos, videos, text message everything. Well, they have other extra features like playing games reading the news, get advice. You can create even a group to have group conversations.

However, this website has serious safety concerns if you can handle the scammers you can have fun there but if you don’t want this type of hairstyle you should ignore this app.

This is a wonderful app is it to use and best buddies are free but the problem with this app is a lot of scams is happening around you are going to get a message every day so if you can ignore those and block those people you are welcome here.


321 chat

321 chat has a mobile version that works even better than a website on your Android. At the time of reviewing their website, I didn’t find any iOS version of their application but I hope they will release it soon.

In the Android version of their platform, you will feel like you are using messenger. It has the notification bell-like messenger, the message icon, and the friend request icon like the exact messenger.

So that is designed to be comfortable and smooth. You can send emojis with color text, and pictures. So you are not going to feel bored using this application. This is more than affecting the platform it is a modern-day social media where young teenagers spend their time doing naughty things which they cannot do on mainstream social media.

They have a $15 dollar lifetime membership that offers even better service. The chat rooms are well moderated and well maintained so that no spammer can spoil your beautiful moments.


Signal app

It is a messenger-type ad that can be used for both individual and business purposes. That means it is reliable and safe to use for any purpose. It also allows voice calls and video calls without long-distance charges. You can create your own group or join other groups to start your conversation however it will get difficult to find women who are willing to have sex because this app is not truly dedicated to adults sexting.

I do not totally recommend this app for the users who don’t have a group of people with whom they can have sex chat full stop because you are not going to find here women for sexual conversation but this platform can be used as a platform per sexual conversation. I mean if you have people but don’t have a platform then this platform can be used for sexual messaging without any cost.


Between app

It is a Korean-based sexting app where couples can have a sexual conversation and make their relationship better.

If you are in a relationship and looking for something better to have sexual conversation securely then this app is specially optimized for the people like you. It is designed to outperform other sexting apps. You can have fun and send encrypted messages.

It is not for single people it is for couples so if you are a single person looking for sexual conversation then this website might not be worth spending your time.


Wicker app

This is Alta secured messaging that guaranteed your privacy and security with encrypted and expiring messages. Self-destructing messenger is getting popular in recent yards so if you are a big fan of it then you can use this app for continuing your sexual conversation with partners.

You can make calls and send videos and pictures to others but it is also not for the people who are looking for a community who desperately wants a sexual conversation. Well, you will get fun and even send your private picture to send videos without concern about your safety and security because it is encrypted.

However, if you are looking for strangers to have a sexual conversation then you should look for an adult Hoke app especially paid ones that provide better service.


Confide app

I found this app is 100% perfect because you cannot screenshot and all the available content is self-distracting. So security and reliability are a Must Think here.

You can expect people from over 200 countries and different languages. But if you are looking for adult community war continuously looking for sexual conversation and desperate to have a casual hook up then this app is not for you.

It is a secure Messenger app it can be used for sexting but you cannot find a lot of strangers. If you have a partner already and willing to have sex in with him or her then you can do using this app.

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Is there a search feature in the sexting app?

Most of the maps have a search feature. From here, you can easily select men or women according to your age, age, religion, and skin color. However, different companies may have different options, but almost all companies have a search feature.

How to choose a legitimate sexting app:

You can easily choose any one of the first apps on our list. These are valid and these are the most popular. Do not select the apps at the bottom of the list, but before choosing anyone you should read the review of that app carefully. You can do this yourself if you want. But if you want to get into so much trouble, you can easily use any one of our first three.

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