Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Girls are not easily getable. Every woman on this planet has a similar mindset and they thought they are…

  • Not easily getable
  • High valued
  • Precious

A man should approach them.

So a girl never approaches for love or shows interest in sexuality. Although there is some different case like if the man is really wealthy or too handsome, like an above-average male then he might get enough attention from girls and if I am not wrong, the girl will always walk around him.


According to _Women Are Notoriously Reluctant To Express Their True Feelings

But if you are not an Alpha male, girls might not approach you; you have to approach them. This is not like they don’t want you. They want you but as their think, they are so precious they wish you should approach them.


In this article, I am not breaking into all the different signs for different things a girl wants from a man. However, I will keep talking on what are the important signs from a girl before the day on to sleep with you.

In the present world, especially in this pandemic situation, people connect with one another via social media. At the same time, people are meeting in the local bars or coffee shops, and their workplaces.

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you

Dressed sexy

Women will be dressed sexy before the man they love. They will be dressed well around you. If the woman dresses sexy all the time then this sign will not work. The woman should dress sexy just around you, she will be dressed for you,, not for every other guy she comes across. If the person is only you then there is almost a 90% chance of sleeping with you.

Touches herself provocatively

If she’s touching herself provocatively then she wants to sleep with you right now. But before you start approaching you might look for if she does the same thing with other guys or not. There are some women who love flirting with guys. They love seducing guys, just do it for fun. There is no intention of going to bed.

So don’t be stupid and don’t be fooled by the women who loves to play with boys’ minds.

If she touches herself provocatively, then you might take a risk by offering her to visit your place. She will go with you right away if you really want it; otherwise, she will ignore it.

Moves slowly

If she moves slowly around you making eye contact, giving you some gentle touches, sometimes smiling then it is obvious that she likes you and she is eager to go to your bed.

This is a sure sign of women’s willingness of going with a man right away. This is one of the most strongest and definite signs of love from women to any man.

Look seductively

Not every woman always look seductively to men to control their mind and flirt with them, however, sometimes women do look seductively to give man the sign of love. When a woman becomes horny, she will obviously look seductively at a man. Although looking seductively may not be the best sign of going to bed however it is a sign of love obviously.

If a woman is looking at you selectively, she may be honest to flirt with you or she wants to go to bed with you.

However, it is a good idea to tell her to come over to your place. If she is interesting to will come with you if she just flirting with you then you will know she was flirting.

Seductive touches

Women might flirt with you with their eyes and behavior but they will not flirt with you with her seductive touches. So it is one of the. So it is one of the most definite ways to know she really wants you to her place or she wants to come to your place.

She will touch your neck, clasped your hand make eye contact, and bite her lips. You will surely know she is honey and she is ready to do with you. After meeting hundreds of women I realized they only e give gentle touches with 🙂 when they are too hot. So I don’t miss out on the women who give you seductive touches.

Biting lips

Only biting her lips is not a great sign of making love, however, eating leaves can be a definite sign if you do understand which woman bites her lips and when she does.

Just biting lips and giving you eye contact does not mean everything; you better look for other signs of love before you invite her to come over to your place.

Some people get too excited when women just keep their smiley look with biting lips. But after approaching them they might get frustrated and find she was just making fun with him.

Complimenting on your sexiness

Women love compliments from men, however, they do not usually compliment boys on their looks unless they really like them. So, if a woman compliments on your looks, your behavior, your eyes, then it is a sure sign of love. But on that point, it is not clear that she is ready to do with you, or just start liking you.

It is better to keep patience and slowly convince the woman to your bed. She definitely likes you and loves to spend time with you. So it is easy and now to make this relationship deeper and if you’ve offered the woman to come over your place then there is a 90% chance of acceptance.

Getting too close

Is she really getting close while talking to you? If it is close enough to feel your breath then it is the most effective sign she falls in love with you and wants to kiss you right away?

Really impressed with you, she really admires your look, she really loves you, and she will definitely spend time with you. If she gets close enough to feel your breath and make eye contact and you also can feel her breath then I suggest you without wasting time you should give her some gentle kisses. After giving some gentle kisses if she does not mind, then you can definitely give her the hot and offered to visit your place. That’s it, Bingo!


If a woman sends you sexting like nude photos, naughty pics, or asks your dick size, then it is the surest sign that she really becomes horny while talking. So if you are clever enough you can easily convince her to come over to your place and do with her.

Although women love flirting with guys over text and they just do it for fun; They don’t have the intention of having real sex with you. However, you can convert they are not in mindset and take her to your bed.

You just cannot start sexting with random women and if she is inviting you on that then it is your chance to make it real. She has already cleared the boundary and invited you into her naughty mindset.

If she is living in your area then you can start meeting her at the local restaurant or coffee shop and you can definitely invite her to your place.

The Home Alone excuse

This is the most definite sign she is inviting you. You don’t need to think twice if she texts you or tells there she is alone. Remember a woman never tells you to come but she will give you the most definitely sign, a sign like “Home Alone”. Maybe her roommate is out of town or her parents are out of town, so it is time to have some fun with her on the bed.

There is no necessity of thinking anything if she is real and she is safe you can definitely visit her place with some condoms.

Ask to come to your place

Like the Home Alone excuse, it is also a direct invitation of having sex from a woman. Maybe her place is not free, maybe she has some problem with her place and cannot invite you to come over. So she is directly telling you to visit your place. She is so honey, she is hot and exciting that she really wants to do with you. And if you do not understand this and if you do not respond this issue will get frustrated and leave you.

No Woman loves an idiot who doesn’t understand what they are trying to do. So you better make your place and invite her to come over right away. To make things exciting you can arrange some food some, not a game and other interesting things.

Touching your thigh

Women don’t usually touch guys tight unless she is super excited to touch your dick. Don’t get me wrong, guys; women flirt with guys using their eyes; sometimes with gentle touches, but do not touch guys’ thighs because they know if the guy becomes excited she will start kissing her right away.

If a girl touches your thigh you can simply clasp her hand with one hand and using another hand, you can give her a sexy kiss not losing eye contact. You can see her reaction if she smiles then it is the definition sign she wants to make with you. You can go to her place or you can invite her to your place and make it happen.

Offers neck massage

If a woman loves a guy then she will look for opportunities of touching him, touching his body, and make him excited so that she can do with him? If a girl of a review in neck message then she is clearly inviting you and try to make things excited.

It is an obvious sign of making love. So you don’t need to think twice if she starts massaging your neck. No Woman offers massage guys that she does not like. So there should be no confusion at all.

Taking her clothes off

When a woman is eager to show off her body and house sexy she’s then she will definitely expose her body before you. You will take off some of her cloth and try to s***** you with a seductive look and some gentle touches.

If she is doing so that it is the definition of making love you can ask her to do it.

Asking how far is your place

Women are precious, they are not cheap to get, so they do not directly offer massage to anybody. If a woman wants you to propose to her then she will definitely ask you how far is your home. By asking this question she is inviting you. She wants to know if you are willing or not. She really wants you to tell her to request her to come over to your place. You will visit her right away.


Taking women to home & have fun is not easy, so have listed 15 signs a woman wants to sleep with you in different situations.

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