Uberhorny – Uberhorny review 2022 – Is it Real? Safe?

The days of traditional dating sites are over. Now people don’t want to use traditional dating sites like before because it is very difficult to find a partner here.


Although many people are addicted to e-hookup dating sites and have been using them for a long time, this website is different from other adult sex chatting sites.

There are a lot of surprises here that are bound to make you feel good. In particular, the opportunity to upload profile photos, live streams, social partners, and relationships with adult girls, regardless of any restrictions or rules.

Uberhorny review 2022

What is Uberhorny?

Uberhorny is a social networking site for finding legal or illegal sex with a male or female partner online, where a group of men or women like you are looking for a partner of their choice.

Many people get bored in their lives when the same women have long relationships with men. This website has brought them a golden opportunity where it is perfectly legal for a boy or girl to get involved in multiple relationships.


Number of members

This adult social networking site has attracted 2.3 million users in the United States. More than two and a half million active users daily, including 49 percent boys and, surprisingly, 51 percent girls!

There are more girls than boys here. So no man has a problem finding a girl. Having sex with more than one girl of your choice is now in your hands. You no longer have to spend time in the office, waste your busy life, or go to the coffee shop looking for a girl, you can do it at home using the smart device of your choice.

How does this platform work?

After creating your profile, you need to upload your own picture and complete the account with other information. Then you can contact the woman of your choice to stay here.

There are two types of conversations, you can find groups if you want, and there you can add sex, talk, and even live video, and you can continue chatting with people of your choice via secret messages.

There is a golden opportunity to find the girl of your choice and to communicate with them no matter where you are. If you do not pass through this city in the USA, you can contact the sexually active girls around you and meet them in person.

Features of this platform:

You can open a free account, but if you want to communicate with someone, you have to buy the service.

Here you can get involved in friendships, threesomes, flirting, or open relationships. You can specify the type of girls you want to interact with by choosing one or more.

You can also choose what kind of girls you like to look at at any age so that you can communicate with the most suitable girl.

You can add messages to the groups here and exchange it with them. You can also talk by creating your own group if you want.

Take advantage of the live stream, you can watch live streams of others as well as yourself.

One thing that is clear to me at the end of the above review is that this website has added some special benefits for the users which are not available anywhere else.


If you choose the free website 2/7 day trial plan, you will still need to purchase the service from them to enjoy the full benefits.

You will have to spend $ 0.95 in 2 days and $ 9.95 in 7 days for the trial. Also, if you want to buy Gold Planti, you have to pay $ 34.95 for one month, $ 69.09 for six months, and $ 80.04 for 12 months.

That means buying a six-month gold package will cost you $ 11.65 a month. And if you buy a gold package for 12 months, it will cost you only $67.67 a month!

I think you should definitely buy the 12-month package because your cost is the lowest here. Why would you buy a 1-month package for 6 months or 5 times more than double the price?

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Do they have apps?

No, there are no mobile applications on this platform but the mobile version of their website works very smoothly. This will give you a great experience no matter where you use this platform, desktop or mobile.


Yes, Uberhorny is definitely 100% safe. You can use a name other than your own to take your security one step further. You are also not obliged to disclose any data. You are not required to disclose where you live.

You may not use your home address other than your home address if you wish. Your email ID and other personal information will never be revealed.

The company has revealed to us that your knife and credit card are safe for financial transactions.

My personal opinion:

Uberhorny is 100% safe and you can start using it without any hesitation. All your information and financial transactions will be completely protected. But for added security, you can use a different name instead of your own, and open a new email ID to set up your account.

How can this website be used more securely?

This website works in two ways one is regular and one is safe. If you use it regularly, your picture and name will be visible to everyone and you will be able to participate in video chat. But if you choose the safe way, you will never participate in video chat.

So if you want to keep yourself much safer and more secure then you can choose the safe way.

Also, for added security, blur your image a bit so that you are not properly recognized.

You will never share your personal identity, workplace address, or any financial document unless you are absolutely sure about the person of your choice.

Can I use this Uberhorny?

This very popular web service is very easy to use. It has a large number of members, has no security issues, and is committed to customer service. This means that the service you are getting for money is acceptable and in my review, it seems reasonable to use this website.

How long does it take for the profile to be approved?

Normally your profile will be created immediately. However, if your profile is fake then your profile will be blocked. You will never be able to open an account using that name and that email address again.

In what way does Uberhorny accept payments?

Using a credit card is most convenient here but you can use PayPal or any other means of payment if you wish.

How do you find fake profiles?

Finding Duplicate Profiles Although it is not your job, sometimes you will find yourself in such a situation and you will come across duplicate profiles, but here are some things to keep in mind.

First, if someone contacts you with a fake profile, he or she may ask you to go back to a web link via a web link or phone number.

This is what fake profiles do. Use your credit card to take you from this platform to places like their convenience. Doing so can damage your finances.

So whenever you realize that someone is asking you to go there with a link to another website, you must not go.

In that case, if he asks you to go to his social media like Facebook or Google Hangout, then you can go safely. But in this case, you must talk to him on the phone for at least 1 minute 2 minutes before leaving.

Because fake profiles are usually done by men behind the pictures of girls. So if you can talk to him then you will understand that is the real profile

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