Unbanned From Tinder? – Why & How To Do It?

Getting unbanned from Tinder is a common problem for most users. So, I’m writing this post on why and how to do it in a proper way.

Tinder is famous for to Harsh algorithm which ends with either a permanent band or a shadowban no matter what you do or how loyal you are to its algorithm.

Most of the time your journey with tinder will …

  • Banned for no reason
  • No match and no response

The first scenario is a permanent Ban but the second scenario is pointing to a shadowban.


Why tinder ban me?

Tinder really Ban users for inappropriate behaviors. Thousands of online scammers are continuously trying to scam tinder’s user base to promote service without paying. This significantly reduces tinder’s earning and create mistrust among loyal users.

So, tinder is using millions of dollars to keep away online scammers from them. But this straightforward behavior sometimes hurt real users who didn’t understand how the tinder algorithm works and their inappropriate activity leads them to a permanent ban.

Here are some reasons why tinder will ban you:

  • Inappropriate behave
  • Swapping too much
  • Swap every woman you come across
  • Upload inappropriate photos like nude and half-nude photos
  • Offensive comments
  • Getting 3 or 4 report

These are the things you need to be careful about while using tinder because there will be no way of getting away without banning you.

However, there will be some cases where you don’t actually do anything but tinder will still ban you.

Why did tinder Ban me for no reason?

After getting three or more abusive reports on your profile, you will be automatically Banned from tinder. This may happen to anyone anytime because these types of Ban cannot be avoided. Most of the time women report because of jealousy.

I have seen some people build influence on social media, link tinder to their Instagram, and then they sell their Instagram profiles. There is no bad selling your Instagram profile but don’t forget to remove your tinder link from it.

Most of the time people will visit Instagram and some of them will feel jealous and ends up reporting your tinder profile.

How to stop it:How not to get a ban:

You can not actually stop this type of Ban because people will always feel jealous if you are doing great or if you look great. Some women will text you, they will like your profile but you may not have the time to respond to their text which eventually makes them jealous and angry. They will report your profile.

And the sad thing is tinder will not listen to you 95% of the time and they will then your profile right away.

Carefulness is the only way you can stop being banned from tinder. Your behavior should not be like a scammer. If you are acting like a real person then most likely you will not get banned. And the second important thing you should not make an offensive comment on any woman. If any women send you a text message try to replay it even if she may not appeal to you.

This will significantly reduce that jealousy and less jealousy is equal to fewer reports on your profile.


How to unbanned from tinder

There are two ways to unban a tinder profile. One is official and the most recommended one and the other is the unofficial one.

Official ways:

Official ways of unbanning a tinder profile start with deleting your tinder profile and end with a complete reset.

Once a profile Banned from tinder, it is banned for lifetime.

There is no way of getting it back. However, if you want to restart with tinder then you can simply reset your tinder profile and try a fresh start with a new identity and new photos.

Steps to unban a Tinder profile:

  1. Delate your tinder account.
  2. Remove access from FB.
  3. Collect another phone number.
  4. Reset the router and get a new IP address.
  5. Reset phone.
  6. Create a new email.
  7. Create a new Google account or a new Apple ID.
  8. Create new FB & Spotify.
  9. Download the tinder app.
  10. Create a new profile with a fresh photo & bio.

If you don’t understand how to do it properly, you should follow this article to learn everything about resetting a tinder profile.  There I have clearly shown with screenshot how to do it easily.

Go to: How to reset tinder?

Unofficial ways:

However, there is an unofficial with open meaning you tinder profile by using E-Tinder++ app.

E Tinder++ is a tweak app that unbans a tinder profile bypassing the login. This process is not complicated and you can do it too, but I do not guarantee your profile security. Any third-party apps can easily be used by hackers to install viruses on your device.

According to Norton_”Downloading a software application from a third-party app store that infects your smartphone or tablet with malicious software.”

However, there is a huge buzz on the internet around this app. People All Around The world are using this app to un-ban tinder profiles.

If you are not sensitive to your phone security and want to do it in an unofficial way then you can follow the video below.


It is easy to unban a tinder profile, however, you should be careful about your choice especially when you use the unofficial ways of unburning the tinder profile. Resetting a tinder profile too frequently is similarly harmful because they may track you and Shadowban your profile.

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