Why did she block me on Instagram?

I’m guessing you’ve been blocked on Instagram by a girl. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like your posts, or maybe she just doesn’t want to hear from you anymore.

Either way, the fact that someone decided to block me on Instagram makes me feel sad and angry all at once. Let’s explore why this happens so we can figure out how best to handle it when it does happen again in the future!

Why did she block me on Instagram? Sometimes your crush becomes protective and blocks you on Instagram because you’ve done something unpleasant to her like, posting a bad comment, spamming her feed, sending annoying messages, or too personal photo sharing.


6 Reasons she blocked you on Instagram

1. You posted bad comments.

If you posted bad comments, she will block you. You can still see her posts in your feed and follow her if you want to keep reading them (but don’t comment on them). You won’t be able to like or comment on any of her posts.

2. You overposted and spammed her feed.

If you were just trying to be nice, and she blocked you because of that, I’m sorry. But if she blocked you because of something else, like posting too many photos in a short period of time or using her feed as a way to show off how many likes her posts get or so on, then it’s worth reconsidering how much attention she wants from people reading her feed.

If she doesn’t want lots of people looking at the same thing all day long? Then maybe try not posting anything at all for a while until things cool down again (or better yet: communicate with her).

And if she does want lots of people looking at the same thing all day long? Then maybe think about changing up your content strategy a bit so that there aren’t constantly so many images coming out from one person/account!

3. You sent her an annoying direct message.

If you’ve been blocked on Instagram, the person who did it is likely annoyed by the frequency with which you contacted them. You should never send a direct message to someone unless you know them well and consider their feelings before doing so.

If your girlfriend blocked you because of an annoying direct message that she received from you, then there’s not much else we can say here!

4. Your posts are too explicit in nature.

You’ve probably heard that Instagram is a social media platform where people post pictures, videos, and other content. But what you may not know is that the service is also used for selling items or services.

This means that if you want to use it as a business tool, it’s important to understand some of the rules around how Instagram works.

One way to avoid getting blocked on Instagram is by being careful about what kind of posts you share on this platform.

Be respectful when sharing anything involving nudity or pornography – she will see it as an uncomfortable experience, something inappropriate in their feed!

5. The photo she shared was personal.

If you’re wondering why your ex-girlfriend blocked you on Instagram and she won’t respond to your messages, there are several possible explanations.

She could be embarrassed about the photo; she may have shared it with someone else (or even told them about it); or maybe she did not want to see that picture at all but it was too late for her to remove herself from the conversation.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then consider yourself lucky! This is an excellent sign that things are good between the two of you now because if they weren’t before, blocking someone would indicate otherwise.

6. You’ve been posting too many selfies.

If you’ve been posting too many selfies, your girlfriend may be trying to tell you something. Selfies are not a good way to get attention and they’re often annoying. Instead of posting them on Instagram, take more time with your photos and focus on the quality of each one instead of just throwing in as many as possible.

You should also post a variety of different types of photos (e.g., landscapes) so that she can see what kind of photography style appeals to her most!

If someone has blocked you on Instagram it’s probably because something you posted offended them or their friends and followers.

If someone has blocked you on Instagram it’s probably because something you posted offended them or their friends and followers.

You can still see their profile and their posts, but you can’t comment or like them. You also won’t be able to send direct messages (DM) to the person who has blocked you unless they unblock themselves first!

If this is happening to you then there are some things that might help:

What does it mean if she blocked me on Instagram?

If she blocked you on Instagram, it means that she is not interested in talking to or seeing your posts. She may have deleted the conversation and blocked you so that other people cannot see what was said.

It’s also possible that she simply hasn’t been following your account for some time and doesn’t want anyone else to know about it.

If she did block you on Instagram, there are ways around this issue:

  • Ask her why she did it! This can help open up dialogue between the two of you and might even lead to reconciliation (if necessary).
  • Use another social media platform instead of Instagram until the situation is resolved

Why did my crush block me on Instagram?

When a crush blocks you on Instagram, it can be for any number of reasons. The most common reason is that they don’t like you and want to avoid hanging out with you.

This can happen if the two of you have been dating for a while and then one day your crush starts acting distant towards you.

Another possibility is that she is embarrassed by something she did in high school or college (or maybe even before). If this sounds familiar, consider whether there’s anything else happening right now in life.

And lastly, Sometimes people block other users because they want someone else’s attention focused elsewhere!

If she blocks you, she loves you

If she blocks you, it means she doesn’t want you to see her posts. She might be embarrassed by what she posted or maybe she just wants to keep them private from everyone except for herself.

If this happens to you and your partner, try not to take it personally. The fact that they blocked their exes on social media is not necessarily a sign of something going wrong in the relationship (though we don’t recommend using their account as a rebound).

It could also just mean that they’re protective over their own online presence and don’t want anyone else seeing what they post there.

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She blocked me on Instagram but still talks to me

  • She likes you, but she’s not interested.
  • She’s just being nice and not talking to you because she doesn’t know how to talk about this.
  • She might be shy around you, but if it’s been a few days since the last time she mentioned liking or interacting with a guy in any way (even if it was only “hi” on Facebook), then maybe there’s something else going on that I don’t know about!

She blocked me on Instagram but not Snapchat

If you were blocked by someone on Instagram, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to talk to you anymore. They could have just blocked your account because they’re still interested in talking to you but aren’t ready yet.

It’s also possible that the person who blocked you is resistant or uncomfortable with the idea of being in a relationship with someone who has been through an experience like yours (or worse). You may want to move forward anyway and try again later when things are more comfortable for them.


We know how frustrating it can be when someone blocks you, and we wish there was a way to undo the action. At Happy Blooms, we pride ourselves on our friendly service and will do whatever we can to make sure your experience is an enjoyable one.

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