Why do girls sit on dryers?

There are many reasons why girls sit on dryers. The most common one is that they want to feel in control and look good while doing it.

They might also be trying to hide their flaws, or they may just enjoy the sensation of sitting on a warm dryer while gossiping with friends or watching TV.

So, why do girls sit on dryers? Girls sit on dryers because it is warm, comfy, and easier to flirt with boys who come across. The vibration of dryers also has a massage-like effect.


9 Reasons why girls sit on dryers:

1. They’re hoping to get picked up by a hot guy.

Girls who sit on dryers are hoping that a hot guy will notice them.

Sometimes, girls who sit on dryers are trying to be noticed by a hot guy. This is especially true if the laundry room is near an exit door, which means it’s easy for boys to walk by and spot one of these girls.

Some girls may even take advantage of this fact by standing up when they hear someone coming and then sitting down again once they’ve passed through the exit doorway and out into the hallway (or wherever).

2. It’s easier to gossip when you’re not walking up the stairs.

There are a few reasons why girls sit on dryers. One, it’s easier to gossip when you’re not walking up the stairs. Two, the gossip is more interesting when you’re sitting down. And three: it’s more comfortable for your feet!

3. The dryer is warm.

If you’re a girl, and your dryer is warm, it’s probably because the dryer is turned on.

The idea of sitting on a hot dryer might sound gross (and it can be), but it’s actually pretty comfy and relaxing! Whether you want to curl up in your favorite PJs or just put on some music and fall asleep while waiting for your clothes to finish drying.

Sitting on a warm dryer gives off an inviting vibe that makes even the most mundane tasks seem much more pleasant than they might otherwise be.

4. The dryer makes them feel important.

People like to feel important. And when you’re a girl, it can be hard to feel important in any situation, especially when you’re not wearing makeup and your hair isn’t perfect all the time.

But dryers are a great place for girls to feel important—they give us the chance to put on our best face and impress our friends with how good we look (well…at least for about two minutes).

The dryer makes us feel like we’re special enough that no one will talk over us or ignore us while they use the appliance next door as well!

5. To feel in control

A dryer is a safe place for girls to feel in control. It’s where they can be alone, without the pressure of other people around them. It’s also where they can think about what they want and how to get it, without being judged by others.

It may seem silly at first, but many girls like using the dryer because it gives them time alone with their thoughts (and some reading).

If you’re looking for ways that your daughter can spend quality time with her own thoughts—and maybe even learn something new try giving her an hour or two every week on the family laundry room floor so she has plenty of opportunities to do just that!

6. They like the noise

The sound of a dryer is like the sound of your favorite song. It’s fun and relaxing, not boring or annoying at all. It makes you feel important—like you’re doing something good for yourself (and maybe even others).

The noise isn’t just cute, it’s calming too! When you’re tired or stressed out, sitting on a dryer can help calm down your body by giving it time to relax so that you can focus better on whatever task needs doing next.

7. Many girls sit on dryers for fun, or because it is warm and comfy.

Many girls sit on dryers for fun, or because it is warm and comfy. It is a good way to spend time with your friends, especially if there are no boys around to bother you. You can gossip, meet new people and get attention from boys too!

8. Some women prefer the additional vibration

Some women like the added vibration. The dryer vibrates and has a massage-like effect, which is soothing for some people. A vibration is a form of massage that can help with pain relief, circulation, and relaxation.

9. It is a fun way to spend time

A dryer is a place where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy your time. It’s comfortable, it has all the amenities of home—and most importantly: it’s fun!

The best part about sitting on a dryer is that you get to talk with friends or family members. This can be very helpful in making new friends at school if they’re having problems with their grades or anything else they need help with.

You can also read books while you’re sitting on the dryer because it has lots of space for them! You’ll be able to read anywhere without interrupting anyone else in the house (unless they want some attention).

Is it safe to sit on a dryer?

While sitting on a dryer is not recommended, it’s safe to do so. The only time you shouldn’t sit on a dryer is if the door is open or if there are wires connected to the outlet. If this happens, then it could cause electrocution and could even cause death by electrocution!

If there isn’t an electrical problem (like someone forgot their lights were plugged in), then feel free to sit down whenever you want! Just make sure not to touch any of the knobs or buttons—that way nothing bad can happen while you’re taking advantage of those extra inches of countertop space in front of your favorite appliance.


At the end of the day, girls just like to sit on dryers for different reasons. Some are bored, some are trying to impress others and some feel safer knowing they can control them.

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