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Privacy policy

User privacy is the most important issue in current time and respects our users and their privacy. We do not collect any user’s data at that time. So, browsing this website will be no threat to you. You have to understand that any public or private data is important for you. As we respect our user and our policy is the most customer/user friendly, you could completely trust our website.

What is private data?

Private data is the type of data that is secret for any user and they want it to keep safe. No one is allowed to have it. The most common types of private data are user’s phone numbers, social media accounts, email IDs, addresses, or card details.

Do we collect private data?

No, we do not collect any types of data from the user. Some users may post a comment on our post, some may email feedbacks and some may email us for the specific problems. We do save users’ email lists who ask any question but we do not use them commercially.

What is public data?

Public data is the type of data that is no secret for any user and they do not want it to keep it safe. The most common types of public data are user name, age, gender, birthday, etc.

Do we collect public data?

At some point yes. But not intonationally. Cause we only collect names of the user who comment on our posts.

Cookie policy

We may use a cookie to enhance your user experience on our site and try to try to achieve faster loading time in the second-time visit. Now maybe you are afraid of cookies! Which you don’t need to. To get a proper understanding of cookies, you should learn cookie first.

A cookie is a very common software which is enabled by most of the website you visit. Maybe you have at least 50 cookies in your browsers from different websites. That is completely normal and it is totally harmless.

Email policy

Currently, we do not collect any email from users and wish to collect in the near future. At those times we will update our email policy in detail.

Account policy

We have an active forum on our website where you must create an account to post in it. We collect user lists, their names, their public profile details, etc.

Links policy

We use some external links from our website to other websites to make our posts more informative. Most of the time we use very reputed websites URL as external links. But when you click those link you are at there website and will be following their policies. We are not responsible for any actions then.


Re-use of any content, image, video, or any materials from this website is totally prohibited Commercially. And It would be a crime if you take any of our material and use it within your website. If we know anyone uses our content or reproduce our content without our permission, we will take steps against them.

What you can do?

  1. Use our materials non-commercially.
  2. Re-produce our content for information purposes.
  3. Use our custom image with our link back to our website.

What you can not do?

  1. Use our materials commercially.
  2. Re-produce our content for commercial purposes like product branding.
  3. Use our custom image without a link back to our website.