How To Seduce Your Professor? | How To Seduce My Professor – Do & Don’t

If you already decided you are going to love your professor, make him seductive, or want to sleep with him, and make your student life fun and exciting, you are at the right place. Although you can’t make a relationship with every professor you want if you know the right way and some good technique, I hope you can do it sometimes.

So, how to seduce your professor? Normally, a student makes attention by calling a professor’s name frequently, texted him/her with more openness, and get more private time after office hours.

The problem of flirting with your professor is many and one of the worst scenarios could be a punishment from your college or university where authority could punish you both or individuals.

But don’t worry, if you make the right move with proper techniques and follow the safety instructions, there is no way you can get hurt or face any kind of punishment from anyone, not even the college or university authority!

Does your institution have any punishment act for that?

Some colleges and universities discourage students and professors to make sexual bonds and it is considered a punishable offense. Read your admission paper properly or ask a senior student for help.

And if there is an act of punishment you must quiet your decision right now, cause I don’t want to fr**n ruin your life for this!

So, before you seduce a professor, make sure he/she is the right person to go for.

Q1. Does your professor single?

Single, professors are more likely to meet with single students to make love and friendship as they live alone, they have enough. So, make sure you are going to trick professors who don’t have a partner and it’s legal.

Q2. Does your professor have that reputation?

Don’t do anything stupid for the first time although it is normal for college students. Hang around with him/her and try to understand what types of mentality he/she has. You can ask your seniors (students), does he/she has any reputation of sexually attracted to students? If so, it a huge green signal for you!

Q3. Does your professor comfortable with students for sexual activity?

Sometimes, professors don’t like to make love with students for their moral ethics and they will ignore you unless you break that point. And most professors have those kinds of issues the first time but it is breakable.

Now, you can start seducing your professor…


5 steps to seduce your professor

Step-1: Let him/her know you’re interested

The first step is to let him/her know that you are really interested and want to make a relationship. Somehow you have to reach your message to him/her to convince and to clear your intention. I suggest you not follow too many aggressive and hard rules he/she is your professor, instead, act slowly and try to realize whether he/she is interested or not. If you think your professor is not responding positively, you should leave it, unless you want it from your hard, it’s gonna take too much time and effort.

Step-2: Be more open

After step-1, it’s time to be more sexually open to your professor, let him/her know you are sexually attracted, ready to act but you are waiting for a green signal. Make him/her friend and spend more and more time, talk about lifestyle, sex, love everything, just make your relationship more aggressive. Openness doesn’t mean you have to show up your sexy body to make him/her horny but it means you have to make a friendship, the type of friendship that can act sexually.

Step-3: Sext him/her

Those of you don’t know what the hack “Sext” means? Let me tell you, sext means a sexy text message. Do send some text messages with humor and openness and also add some naughty words and sentences to make it a good mixture of love and not just a student normally send those. If he/she doesn’t react negatively, bingo, you are good to go with it. And after all the hard work is going to make sense.

Step-4: Get some private time

Now, you know your professor wants you too or he/she is confused to take a decision right now, maybe a little extra push triggered it out and make your dream come true. And some private time is really helpful and I have found the only way to break the ice here. Nothing is going to break his/her ice except some private time with you and where he/she can feel you sexually not as a student.

Invite your professor for a coffee or go to his/her house to watch a movie or for anything. Try to trick him/her into the bedroom but don’t do anything quickly, let him/her take action. If he/she still doesn’t react, follow the next step, cause, he/she is too afraid to make a move or wants you to make move first. Both times you have to react.

Step-5: Make the move

I think this is the bravest part of the whole process where you have to tell your professor directly you want him/her and get close to his/her body to make sexual intension! Just grab his/her hand, a little romantic, naughty kiss maybe a little aggressiveness, or just keep it for another day.

Bingo, you have got your professor, you can touch and enjoy your college life with your professor which obviously makes your friend jealous and excited. A pretty exciting memory to tell your grandchildren, you have made it.

Pro tips: Think again, before you do it, you cant change it later, your professor would be responsible for a subject and if you irritate him/her, make his/her angry, jealous it will harm both your education and career.

What should I do if I have a crush on my professor?

Just deal with it privately, do not discuss this matter with your friends or classmates, unless it drives you crazy. It can ruin both of your careers and make awkward situations. Your professor might complain to the higher authority and they will take action and eventually, it makes both of your shame.

According to Caitlyn Laughner, Graduate Teaching Assistant at Ball State University (2017-present)_

“It is unlikely for anything good to ever come from your crush, and if you ever wish to ask for a recommendation of any kind from them, you need to keep things strictly platonic.”

John Linneball, Sole Proprietor at John Linneball Tutoring (2014-present) said_

“Wait until you are no longer in the professor’s class. If the professor isn’t married or in a long-term relationship, ask your professor out for coffee or something. You could even ask the professor out for coffee to determine if the professor is available for dating.”

Is it illegal to sleep with your college professor?

If both of you agreed to sleep with, you can always do it but remember, don’t tell others that you did it, otherwise, everybody will find a hot topic to talk about. I didn’t find such rules like “you can’t sleep with your professor, however, you have to respect moral value”. And of course don’t claim any extra facility after it, don’t be the naughty blackmailer.

It is ok if you kept it secret and committed not to make it public, cause others might want the same taste too, and don’t make everybody jealous.

Why do students feel attracted to their teacher?

In most cases, the teacher-student relationship is a symbol of love, trust, and purity; not from a physical perspective. But sometimes students fall in love with the teacher and it’s quite natural but you should not act on it aggressively, we all have crashed on the teacher at some point in our life, it is normal.

Teachers are fun, energetic, and friendly, they make our student life more interesting while they have shown us love and carelessness. And I have found this careless makes some kind of feeling both sexual and mental which teachers already know but if they are rude, nobody is going to love their subject.

Is it OK to date your professor?

It is not considered a standard relationship between a student and a teacher although a lot of students like to have their professors sexy body even sometimes they need to pay for it.

I have 5 points that will prove you are going to do some moral mistakes

  1. Professors are responsible to educate their students like children not to get sexually involved.
  2. Professors have the authority and power to take some important matters, try not to mass with them for some silly matter.
  3. The professor is like a guardian like your mom or dad, they are holding positions of respect and trust.
  4. It only brings you guilt unless you are super excited to do it.

How Many College Students Sleep With Professors?

The most shocking truth is one out of ten students has an inappropriate relationship with teachers! Could you believe that! Neither do I for the first time, but at least I had to when I come across, they have claimed over 14 percent of students have sexual affairs with professors. So, next time you see a friend maybe he/she is has a sexual affair with your professor.

Male students are more likely to seduce a female professor. Women are not much interested to meet male teachers while male students are exactly the opposite, they feel more sexually comfortable with female teachers.

Do teachers know when students have crushes on them?

Of course, they know, they are more experienced and probably you are not doing it for the first time. So, don’t try to make them fool or think you are the cleverest of all.

Shirley Thomas, Former EFL teacher, self-publisher, Equity Research editor says_

“I did. Not all of them, there were one or two whose crushes were revealed much later and I went, Oh…? I never realized it.”

How do you know if your professor is attracted to you?

I have developed 5 ways to discover your professor flirting with you which can give you aged of the advantage of establishing sexual activities with your professor. Sometimes you don’t understand what types of opportunities you are missing.

Calles your name randomly: Does he/she calls your name frequently in their lecture, or do they call you through your last name? If your answer is yes, I am afraid there is an 80% chance of he/she is flirting with you.

Offers extra time at office hour: Does he/she offers you, extra class, at office hour? Or does he/she wants to spend some free time with you? That strongly suggests he/she is trying to seducing you.

Offers a coffee/movie: Does he/she offers a cup of coffee or simply ask for a movie? Maybe he is directly offering you a date.

Gives you extra advantages: I suggest to intentionally miss some assignments and make some lame excuse and wait for his/her response. If he/she gives you a smile and tells you nothing, he/she is definitely flirting with you.

Gives you higher marks than you expected: Did you ever make a bad class exam and see unexpected results? If the answer is yes, I am 100% sure, he/she is flirting with you. To test it, give an exam without writing too much and see what marks it brings. I am sure you will get a much better result than you deserve.

Is it bad to have a crush on a professor?

At school, you are young, you shouldn’t do anything like that but at college or university, you are both adult and free to make decisions, no one is going to stop you but if it spread among other students, your professor might be lost his/her job.

How exciting it is to flirt with a teacher?

It is really fun and super exciting to do so, all of your friends will feel jealous of you, they might start talking about how you could have done it. You will be the local hero.

Final thought: Although it is considered an illogical and unethical relationship between a student and professor it happens so frequently that it seems normal. And one out of ten male students builds some kind of sexual relationship with teachers and almost all the student find some sort of sexual attraction with professors at some point in student life.

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