Livelinks Number With Free Trial | Livelinks 60 Min Trial

What LiveLinks chat line? LiveLinks is the most popular adult chat line which ensures friendly, steamy, or exploratory conversation with real users. After its establishment in 1990, it continuously remains popular among US and Canadian customers. It is an all-purpose phone sex line like tinder, but mostly adult-focused. The diversity among user age and ethnicity gives it to age over others around the market.

  • Editor’s rating: 10/10.
  • Free trials: 60 min.
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Livelinks Number With Free Trial | Livelinks 60 Min Trial

Name LiveLinks
Established 1990
Users Everyone over 18
Entry age 18+
Operating Language English & Spanish
Community Both adult and non-adult
LGBTQ service N/a
Operating area US and Canada
Estimated visitor 100k+
Users trend Positive
Users loyalty (trust) Positive
User base All ages (from 18 to 60)
Editor’s Rating 10/10
Security High
Anonymity Yes
Safety Yes, USA standard
Privacy Policy Yes
Personal information asked Name, address, phone number, SSN, credit card,
or check by phone account number.
Local search Yes (via postcode)
Community engagement Yes
3 some/group sex Yes
Block callers Yes (premium only)
Self adding Talktime Yes (premium only)
Dating Matching N/a
Greeting Clip Up to 1 minute
Pre-recorded voice clip Yes (premium only)
Deducted membership After 3 months if your account remains silent.
Customer service 24/7, visit here
Free trials Yes
Price 10 min of $4.99, 30 min of $9.99, and 120 min of $29.99.
Female Subscription Lifetime free.
Payment options
Payment options Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
PayPal, Cash through Western Union.
Payment Security Yes (via high secured SSL)
Billing Privacy Yes, (will appear as “TELIGENCE” on your credit card)
Sign up bonus Yes
Members loyalty reward Yes (via points and minutes)

How Does Livelinks Number Work?

It is a voice-call-based adult, free phone sex service that works with an actual phone number of a user. The user calls its number and took free trials or buys paid subscriptions with the bank, Credit card, or other payment options. Each of its customers gets one unique phone number with the pass. They record their intro and upload it to the LiveLinks server. Later they invite other members for voice conversation and start accepting invitations. Paid members have more freedom and flexibility than non-paid ones.

LiveLinks work with real people; they do not hire people for conversation. 

Free services

With free trials, each customer gets the opportunity of exploring most of the LiveLinks service for a limited time. However, it contains ads and other minor errors. For example, you can record a voice clip and save it, but you can’t save Hot-list. Customer service is not available also.

Does LiveLinks offer area code chat lines/local chat?

Yes, they increase users’ use of area code to find hot locals that sometimes help them get laid and offline. If you go to their website, they will automatically track your location unless you use VPN. The most important thing is it has a user base of millions to meet with like famous dating sites.

Can I save “Hotlist”?

Saving Hotlist is only available for paid users like it is the most crucial element of remembering like-minded people. Hotlist keeps essential people you met and hot voices around. So you can easily convert into casual dating and even sex within few days.

Do I need to record the voice clip over and over again?

If you are a premium member, you don’t need to do it, but this problem is a must for free users. Recording voice clip once and forget.

What Kind of Women Call Livelinks Number?

Livelinks don’t hire women to receive calls from men, but it offers lifetime free access to attract more and more women. So, you can expect a real woman is talking with you for fun.

Safety features

In terms of safety and anonymity, Livelinks is the pioneer in the chat line industry. So, you don’t need to worry about them and their system. Still, you need to be careful with your action because most security leakage happens by the users.

The password recovery option is secure; you need to call them, membership numbers are not provided by email.

What are the extra benefits a member gets?

Saving The Hotlist, 24/7 live support, voice clip keeping with flexible Talktime adding option is only for the paid customer. Besides, you will get an ads-free calling and a smooth call connection with three sex calling with a private chat window.


For women: Always free for women!

For men: The essential cost of using Livelinks is 10 min of $4.99, 30 min of $9.99, and 120 min of $29.99. Charge varies from state to state, but you can expect close to that.

Note: Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, cash via Western Union

Note: SSL security features secure your payment processing.

Billing Privacy: All of your billing is private and will appear as “TELIGENCE” on your credit card statement. Billing assistance is provided.


Livelinks is one of the most recommended adult chat lines by dating experts. In addition, I found it the most desirable all-purpose chat line.

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