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This is a review of Tango Personals’ phone number, where you can find girls that are seeking guys to date. I found the site easy to navigate with an uncluttered design and friendly interface. The downside is that there are not many members on it, so my advice would be to sign up asap!

  • Editor’s rating: 9/10.
  • Free trials: 30 min.
  • Call:

What is Tango Personals? Tango is a premier dating service that gives people the ability to connect with quality singles, develop meaningful relationships and personal interactions. Tango’s unparalleled Live Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has been available in more than 1,000 cities across North America for over thirteen years. That means you’ll be able to find your perfect match within minutes – no matter what city they’re living in!

Tango Personals Phone Number

Name TangoPersonals
Established `1990
Users General, Adults
Operating Language English
Entry Age 18+
Community Adult focused, Phone Sex & Dating
LGBTQ service N/a
Operating area USA & Canada
Estimated visitor 3.5k+
Users trend Positive
Users loyalty (trust) Positive
User base American
Editor’s Rating 9/10
Anonymity Yes
Safety High
Privacy Policy US standard
Personal information asked Name, age, gender, SSN

and card or bank details if you buy a subscription.

Local search Yes
Community engagement Yes
3 some/group sex Yes, Paid Service
Block callers Yes, Paid Service
Self adding Talktime Yes, Paid Service
Dating Matching Yes
Greeting Clip Yes
Pre-recorded voice clip Yes, Paid Service
Offline messaging Yes, Paid Service
Deducted membership Yes, after 3 months of inactive uses
Customer service Yes, 24/7, Paid Service
Free trials Yes
Price 120 min at $29.99, 60-min at $9.99 & 10 min at $4.99.
Female Subscription Yes, Free Forever
Payment options
Payment options Visa, Creditcard, Mastercard, etc.
Payment Security SSL security, credit card statement will show “TELIGENCE”
Sign up bonus Yes
Members loyalty reward N/a

What types of women call Tango Personals Phone Number?

It’s time to let go of that single-minded, cliche way of thinking about love. Get your flirt on with real people and get a fresh perspective – without relying on paid operators!

Voice mailbox service:

Tango voice mailboxes allow you to leave messages and be notified of voicemails from other Tango members. You can also review old messages and create new ads for yourself that will go live 24 hours a day!

When you join Tango, your voice mailbox is the home of your ad. This is where critical thinking about what it means to have a brand across all channels should happen. Your message will be available 24 hours per day in whichever category you select so that people can find and interact with notifications from like-minded individuals at any hour of the day or night.

Live Connector service:

The “Connector” is a great way to meet new people online. In the “Connector,” you can start by recording an intro that describes yourself and who you are looking for before deciding if they’re right for you! Your greeting will disappear when you leave it, so have fun with them while you chat about anything in the unmonitored one-on-one chats of the connector.

The connector is a great place to find someone of interest, with the possibility for an informal chat before meeting in person. Your voice mail ad is serious, but the connector is one to one meeting place!


If you’re looking for a serious relationship, the Romance and Relationships category is perfect. If, instead, you want to meet new friends or find some fun with someone who isn’t your significant other – then Friends and Dating might be what’s best! The Discreet Encounters has everything from casual sex chats up to wild sexual experiences.


We’re not going to sell, rent or give away any of your personal information. Once you register with us, we will only send messages if they are with that service (i.e., updating account info). However, this is for protection and security. As well – how can a company protect its customers from fraud without knowing who the customer is?

The information they asked for

To protect you against fraud, they need your name, address, and phone number. They ask for SSN as a way to ensure that the charges are going to the right person and no one else is using your credit card or bank account.


For Male: Tango Personals gives you the flexibility to customize your package with a range of affordable pricing options. It offers various affordable packages for all budgets, including 120 minutes at USD 29.9 and 60 minutes at only USD 9.99! The range of prices includes 10-minute sessions starting at just 4.99$. It’s easy to find something that fits into any budget!

For Female: Free forever.

They have easy payment options for you! For US customers, it accepts Western Union and MoneyGram. Canadian customers can pay by Western Union. It does not take mail payments at all–but paying online is fast and free!

Payment Security

North America’s top banks have all approved Secure Card Processing for their members, with online real-time credit card processing. Live support 24/7 to approve or decline your requests while you’re on the phone so that there is zero interruption in service.

All charges are discreetly billed as TELIGENCE, and you can be sure that your identity is kept safe. It promises fully anonymous billing for all customers!

Deducted membership

Memberships that have been inactive for 30 days will be charged a 10-minute maintenance fee. If the membership is not used again within three months, it will be deactivated without a refund.


How to recover pin

If you have lost your membership number, call friendly 24-hour toll-free customer service at 1.800.498.1288 immediately for a speedy and straightforward solution to the issue. For your security, they will ask personal information from you to verify that this is indeed an error on their end. Or not before proceeding with any further instructions – it does not give out member’s private information via email, so please do not try!


Tango Personals phone number is a great way to find like-minded people who share your interests, from fetish kinks and BDSM relationships up to mainstream adult chat line services. Whether you’re looking for something casual or long-term, these phone sex lines have got what you need! Give them a call today.

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