Can I Use Tinder Without Location?

Millions of people from all around the US are using tinder as their primary HookUp app. This super trending HookUp apps has never been popular before. And this popularity attracts a lot of scammers around the globe who continuously scam the US people and their money. So tinder develops an app where you cannot use it without sharing your location.

But a lot of American folks are seemed too worried about their location sharing; they are worried if their identity is shared with others. From this concern, they have a common question on can I use tinder without location.

Well your concern is very common and like others, you want to hide your location for security reasons but unfortunately, you cannot permanently delete your location. You have to share your location and later you should upgrade your plan to premium tinder user and then you can hide your location not delete it.

Can I use tinder without location?

User location hiding is only possible through premium subscriptions. So if you are a free user there is no way you can hide your location without getting banned however you can change it using VPN.

Does location matter for tinder?

Tinder uses user location to track other users and find potential matches around them and prevent an online scammer from spoiling their network. But if you change your location then you will be only suggested around that location you can not meet any women near your hometown.

My personal recommendation is after your tinder premium subscription so that you can hide your location. This is how no one will be able to see your location but the apps that are now where are you from and from where you should be suggested.

Sometimes people try to treat the network using fake GPS location or simply VPN this works at some point but in the long run, they will not be benefited from this process. Simply it reduces the ability of how their algorithm works. But if you are not interested in meeting girls around your location using VPN to change your location is a great choice.

Does tinder update your location automatically?

Tinder simply updates the user’s location when a user simply opens the app. But it is not updating your location while you are not using the app. It updates user location because it needs to ensure the potential match around users’ current location.

Don’t be afraid of your location do not sales your location to others will, of course, another user will I know where you are now but it still is helpful. You don’t need to be afraid of getting tracked everywhere because simply tinder does not track you when you are offline or when you are not using their app.

Why do fake GPS not work on tinder?

In the past, fake GPS systems work with tinder as well as other similar dating apps but tinder has been updated their algorithms and strong tracking system by fees they can spot a fake GPS tracker, and now it is not working anymore.
Fake GPS trackers simply do not have the ability to 48 Giants network like tinder. Simply fake GPS networks don’t have the types of Technical ability and skill to hold them but if you want to hide your location or if you want to change your location you can do it simply using a VPN that is a better Technology.

Can you bypass your location in tinder?

Trying to bypass a giant dating network like tinder is simply not possible in the long run however you can do it using a fake GPS system and clearing the app’s history. You can try several fake GPS systems and find the suitable one among them.

Can VPN change tender location?

Some advanced paid VPN only has the opportunity to change your location in tinder. Simply change your IP address and connect your Facebook through the changing location this is how tinder will properly work with your new IP address.

User’s location changing is important for working males and females because sometimes office Wi-Fi networks restricted access the social network like Gender and Facebook. Working employees at Amen uses changing location with some other uh worried users who are afraid of sharing location. To make it work properly just remember you should have used a fake GPS tracker and VPN together full stop you should not be missing the setting of your Facebook location according to the recent changing IP.

Do you need to combine fake GPS and VPN together to bypass the location tracker?

VPN alone will do your job for sometimes but if you want a proper set up then you should use the Pig GPS and a premium VPN together to bypass the tinder location tracking system.

Should I use a tinder passport to change my location?

Tinder passport is the most secure and actual way of changing your current location to avoid leaking your information to others. Tinder passport comes at a price of 1.67 dollars per month however it is worth using a tinder password as you can simply change your location or set up your location as you wish.

Can I bypass tinder location using proxy servers?

Proxy servers are an advanced and more reliable way to change your locations. Proxy servers allow its user to remain with steady IP for a month who is not possible through VPN. Every time you connect to the VPN you will get a new IP location so sometimes advanced apps like tinder are suspicious about your location and they may block you but if you use this service then it is less likely to get banned from them because you are using your account from same server IP.

Why should you change your tinder location?

Sometimes people get bored with their current locations and women around that location. Sometimes people hide their location so that they can remain protected. In both of the cases, you have to change your location in tinder who is possible through some process. But if you don’t want to change your location that is completely ok. Tinder services are completely secure and no one is going to steal your data from them.

How does tinder track location?

Tinder is a location-based service that influences your potential match around you. If you hide your location from them or cheat your location or bypass your location from them then they will not be able to suggest you the woman living around you. So it significantly limits for reduced their capacity of making matches surrounding you.

How to turn off my location?

You cannot run off your location without buying a subscription from them. So after upgrading your subscription you will have the button to hide your location on tinder.


To wrap up everything, I can clearly tell you on “can I use tinder without location?” You can simply use tinder without sharing your location or you can change it in two ways first of all I should buy a premium subscription from them or use a VPN to make temporary changes.

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