Shadowbanned on Tinder?- Why & How To Fix It?

Almost every Tinder user has experience of not getting enough matches even after updating their profile and uploading new photos.

Why? Most probably tinder Shadowbanned your ID!

And you are not getting…

  • New Matches
  • Nobody likes you
  • Nobody sending you a text

Tinder has developed algorithms that control any suspicious activity in the tinder community.

People know tinder rewards new online profiles by boosting new profiles to a lot of people but over time a profile will less likely get noticed by other users. As a result, people usually reset their tinder profiles too often.

Some users behave more aggressively and they do not care about community guidelines and rules. This scary other in the community.

The three incident above leads to shadowban and sometimes permanent Ban from tinder.

In this article, I am going to explain shadowban and how to get rid of shadowban.

Tinder Shadowban Explained!

What is a tinder shadowban?

When a user breaks community guidelines or acts suspiciously, the tinder algorithm secretly bans without officially telling. A Shadowbanned tinder profile will seem normal but it will lose its visibility to others and getting matches will become impossible.

If your tinder account gets Shadowbanned then you cannot scene by other users. Tinder will not show your profile to other users and you will not get any matches.

You can swipe left, swipe right; your profile will be normal, your Apple works fine, but you will have the feeling that something is wrong. You are not getting noticed by other users at all.

How long does the Tinder shadowban last?

Tinder Shadowban is a permanent punishment that lasts forever. There is no way to get rid of shadowban without completely resetting the profile or by creating a new one with new information and pictures.

Tinder bans your profile to other users and nobody will find matches with your profile, but you can still use tinder apps normally. In a normal ban, tinder lets you know your profile is banned, but in shadowban, they don’t want to let you know about banning you.

Why you could be shadowbanned on Tinder?

Tinder comes up with strict community guidelines on how you should behave on tinder. They argue that shadowban is used to protect its community from scary users or from inappropriate behavior.

The main reasons are…

  • Sending too many same texts.
  • Nude or half nude photo.
  • Ghost on matches, and
  • Getting reported.

How to know if you are Shadowbanned?

Well, you will have the oral feeling that something is not right with your tinder profile and your profile will not be light by anyone.

4 things could happen

  1. If you are Shadowbanned on Tinder then you will get no new matches.
  2. Your message doesn’t text you back.
  3. You have been given a warning for inappropriate behavior.
  4. You have done too many soft resets using the same account details.

What is a soft reset?

A soft reset is where you get rid of your previous tinder account and reopen your tinder account for a fresh start using the same Facebook ID, same Apple ID or Google account, same number, and with the same credit card.

The types of data tinder store to remember it user if it remains the same but open a new account it will be considered a soft reset.

Is tinder Shadowban a tinder gold user?

Tinder Shadowbanned everyone who breaks community guidelines. Even a premium tinder gold user is not safe from Shadowbanning.

A Shadowban tinder gold account’s “like you” section will be suspiciously empty.

Why do tinder Shadowban?

Tinder Shadowban users who disrupt their ecosystem by not following community guidelines and scary other uses.

There is a significant benefit for Shadowbanning users. But still, you may have the curiosity why Tinder does not give complete banning instead of a Shadowban?

There could be several reasons behind the Shadow burning approach of tinder. I am going to break it down one by one.

#1. Not to lose money: The very fast reason for Shadowbanning is I think tinder does not lose your money which you pay them every month. A Shadowland profile may go unnoticed for a long time. And user will pay a tinder subscription until they discovered they are banned from tinder. This is how they can then users who broke quality guidelines but steel they make money out of them.

#2. Stay safe from angry users:  The second reason is a complete ban will make a user angry and he can make a hateful comment on social media and give a one-star rating in Google Play Store or Apple ID. This significantly hearts any brand that attracts customers from online.

Marketing experts believe that an angry customer may complain to up to 6 people about the product or service.

#3. To make Loyal users: Shadowban is the best solution to prevent this kind of situation. Over time users will realize that they have some problems with their tinder account. Their profile is not getting matches because of them. They will realize the problem is not tinder because it worked perfectly before. So they might make some mistakes and they should correct them.

Is there anything to worry about shadowban?

Actual Ben is visible to a user, so he can replace his account with another new one, but a shadowban is an unofficial Ban which a user realizes after a few weeks. Shadowban is more harmful than an actual ban because it remains invisible for very long until resetting the profile.

How not to get shadowbanned

Almost 80% of tinder user gets shadowbanned at some point in their life because tinder always updates their profile and you cannot be too careful when you are using tinder to find the right man around you.


Two of the most important reason for Shadowban are…

#1. Don’t ghost & neither be too picky: They don’t like you to ghosts on your matches and neither like the user who is too picky. I don’t like to sexy pictures on my profile or send the same message over and over again.

Tinder considered this behavior harmful for the community because thousands of spammers around the world are using this technique to scam their communities. However, some of the tenders guidelines I do not support because if you don’t ghost your match then how could you know what they like and how to make them talk.

#2. Don’t swap right too much: Sometimes a common user might be swapped right too much because he doesn’t have enough suggestions for him to stop so he is trying to find a woman for him. And it is not a bad thing to do although you could get Ban for your action.


What are the steps if you do not get shadowbanned?

  1. Do not ghost your maths too much.
  2. Do not swipe right for every profile you come across.
  3. Do not send the same text to everyone.
  4. Make a decent profile.
  5. Not to upload too sexy pictures.
  6. Verify your profile before you swipe left or right or start sending a text.
  7. Link your social media to your tinder account.


Note: by following the above steps I cannot guarantee you to remain 100% Shadowgun free. However chance will be significantly lower if you follow the above steps properly. I have found only 2% of profiles getting shadowbanned after maintaining everything properly.

Is my low ELO score have anything to do with low matches?

Well, a low ELO score will reduce the ability to be seen by other users. It is a common problem of tinder users but if you update your profile correctly and upload good profile photos that attract a lot of women then you will get rid of this problem.

I will write another article on how to correct your low ELO score and have a lot more matches.

How to fix tinder Shadowban?

Before you start working on tinder Shadowban you should know no from the basic things on tinder. You should care what really tinder knows about you. Anything tinder knows about you will not be reused again. Because those things tell tinder that this guy had broken our rules before so they will Shadowban you again.

What tinder knows about me?

  1. Your phone number
  2. Your Google account or your Apple ID
  3. Your pictures
  4. Social media accounts
  5. Your IP address
  6. And your credit card information

By doing something, you have to replace it before you restart with tinder.

Now I am going to give you step by step tutorial on how to restart with tinder from Shadowban

Step 1

The first thing you should do you get rid of your tinder account.

Open tinder> goes to setting> click delete account> confirm account deletion.

Step 2

Step 2 is to delete tinder’s access from your Facebook account.

Open Facebook app> go to settings> go to apps and website> click log in with Facebook > click tinder> click remove app< confirm this action.

By clearing social media tinder will not get access to your photos and other information publicly available.

Step 3

If you have another phone number that was not previously used on tinder then you can use that otherwise you have to buy a new SIM card to open a new tinder account.

Tinder needs to verify if the user through the phone so they will send you an activation code on the phone number. If you reuse a phone number then tinder knows this guy was banned from tinder because of his suspicious behavior. And don’t worry if your phone has only one sim slot.

Using the new sim you can verify the tinder profile and later you can change the same with the previous one. Don’t throw it away because tinder will send in New verification code after some week or even after some months.

Step 4

Reset your router and get a new IP address because tinder store your previous IP address.

Getting a new IP address is super easy all you have to do is go to your router and unplug it for at least 30 to 40 seconds and then plug it back in. Boom you have got a new IP address.

Step 5

Simply Uninstall the tinder app and delete it. All of your Play Store’s data or Apple ID data should be deeply clean. I highly recommend you reset your phone before you go to the next step.

How to clean your phone data?

Every smart device keeps a record of the information of your app. To make you undetected you should clean your smartphone before you reinstall tinder.

I am not suggesting you use the cleaning apps because those are not enough to clean the data of your smartphone 100% accurately. You have to reset your phone.

Visiting your smartphone can be tricky because you might not ever do this. But don’t worry I am giving you step by step tutorial on how to reset your phone properly.

How to reset iOS:

  1. Open your phone setting
  2. Go to general
  3. Scroll down and press Reset
  4. Select all content and
  5. Reset

How to reset Android:

  1. Open your phone setting
  2. Go to about phone
  3. Select factory reset

Step 6

Create a new email address, and create a new Google account, or a new Apple ID to download the tinder app.

Tinder has your email address and your google account or Apple ID to recognize you. So, if you don’t create a new address, they will identify you instantly, and ban you again.

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Step 7

This is the final step of re-opening your tinder profile with a fresh start.

Do not use the same photos that you had uploaded to your previous account. Do not Link your Instagram or Facebook with your new tinder profile. And don’t use your same credit card to buy tinder gold.

Now you are ready to use tinder like you used to do it before. You have just successfully reset your tinder profile and got a fresh start.


Can I keep my old photos on my new tinder account?

Keeping your all photos in new the new tinder account is a complicated and time-consuming process. You should rename all of your pictures, clean the EXIF data, and slightly resize the picture to make it work properly.

You can keep your old photos but it takes a lot of hard work; sometimes required a lot of technical staff. I have seen a lot of guys who cannot do it properly as a result tinder eventually found them.

You are doing so many things to restart a new account for a fresh start, just ask yourself is it really important to keep your old photos?

So how to keep my old photos if I want to:

  1. Renaming your photo is the first and the most important part of this process.
  2. Clean the EXIF data is the most technical part of this process and probably the most important one. Every digital photo has some information kept in its background and tinder stores and spots information to recognize a picture.
  3. To take extra caution you should resize your photos so that tinder cannot recognize you



The Tinder Shadowban is not anything new in the dating community. Almost every guy had an experience of it. So, don’t be upset if you get banned, simply reset your account for a fresh start with the tips above.


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