Tinder Algorithm : 10 hacks for 10x better matches!

Millions of American singles use tinder to find casual HookUp online. Tinder is considered The pioneer of the online dating industry. So people have a higher expectation with tinder but most of them become frustrated after two weeks.

The harsh reality of tinder is an insane amount of competition. Although tinder has millions of users, male to female ratio is very unfair.

According to statista_ among active tinder account, 75.8% are male, and only 24.2% are female!

But the good news is most of the competition is not even strong enough to hold you back. By following a few tricks you can easily overcome this competition and find your true match on tinder.

However, it is not as easy as it seems because Tinder has a specific algorithm that determines which profile should be promoted. So learning the tinder algorithm is essential for every successful user.

But before I jump into explaining algorithms, I confess that most resources you will find on the internet are not even valid. Nobody in the entire dating industry knows how tinder actually rewards a specific profile except the CEO of tinder.


Tinder Algorithm Explained 2021

What is Tinder Algorithm?

Tinder Algorithm is an AI-based matching system that determines which profiles to match with whom, and which to reward and punish based on user behavior. It is an advanced matching system that tracks user activity and attractiveness to determine matches while swapping.


Who knows it actually?

Only the high-level officials of tinder know how the tinder algorithm works. Most of the information found on the internet is completely wrong. There is no way of knowing the algorithm 100% surely.

But don’t get me wrong, if I don’t know how the tinder algorithm works then why should I claim that I can help you?

I am not claiming that I know how exactly tinder ranks a specific profile but based on my years of experience and experimentation, I know what are the things tinder wants in a profile and what are the things you can do to improve your tinder ELO.

All the information if given in the article is based on my personal experience experiments and asking hundreds of successful people.


Would you actually be benefited?

Well, I personally believe that if you follow my suggestion then there is a 100% chance that you will be in a much better position with your tinder profile. Although results may vary depending on your behavior and your work.

In this article, I am going to walk you through the real organic way to boost your profile on tinder without getting a ban.

What to focus on?What not to focus on?

We will be focusing on building an actionable profile with an attractive bio and seductive profile picture that women love. We will also focus on how to improve the user activity that tinder likes. Finally, we will be focusing on some key points which help you to stand out from the crowd.

Maybe you are thinking of I  know actionable bio helps to get a lot of matches but I don’t look good! Don’t worry your look is not that important that you might think. Because I am going to share with you my personal experiment-based information that a person looks it’s not that important to get a lot of matches on tinder.

Tinder reverse new profile so a lot of so-called dating Gurus suggest people to resetting their profile on a week which I think is a bad idea. Because tinder has developed a very powerful way by which they can track you around the web for up to three or four months.

I will not also follow any shortcut that leads a profile to shadowban. By the way, if you don’t know what is a tinder Shadowban then you can read this article.

Risk of shadowban

Any suspicious behavior in tinder is totally unaccepted and it may force the authority to Shadowban your profile. Resetting the tinder profile too many times and suspicious user behavior is the main reason for the shadowban.

What does tinder do?

Although we don’t know how to enter rank a profile we know what tinder wants from users. Because every successful business needs a loyal customer base. They need people, they need your trust and your money.

Rewards top profiles: Tinder rewards only the top 30% of profiles. It rewards the profile which women like. Tinder wants good loyal users who will frequently use their app of the day. But if they give you 100% satisfaction then you will live on tinder right away.

Never give you 100% satisfaction: So they will never give you 100% satisfaction. To save their business they want you to spend money on their subscriptions. The wants user should follow their guideline.

From the above discussion, I can clearly tell you that they reward only the top mail who has higher desirability among women.

So the key point should be…

  • Desirability
  • Behavior
  • Timing
  • Competition

10 tinder algorithm hacks for 10x better matches

Key takeaways:

A profile should be loved by women. If they left then your journey with tinder is a dead end. Your profile picture should be highly engaging. And your profile bio should make women laugh. With my years of research and experiments, I have seen that humor always wins. 

A stunning profile picture:

The most important thing you can do with your account is to upload a stunning, actionable profile picture that attracts a woman’s mind. Even if you are not looking that handsome, you should at least try to take good photos in such a way that women love.

A profile picture is everything. If you don’t look attractive or if you don’t look appealing then nobody stops at your profile.

But if you upload a good profile photo then you have done an 80% tinder algorithm. The very first thing women will look into your face is it look friendly, or is it look appealing, or is it looked like a regular guy without confidence.

Hiring a top-level photographer will be a good idea but if you don’t have that money then you could always ask for help from your friend who knows how to take better photos.

What are good photos?How many photos?

If you look like a male model then you already know how to take it was because you already looked good on any angle but if you don’t look like a male model then you have to be creative with your profile photos.

Your face will determine your success when we mostly love the confident and funny guy. If you don’t look that good then you can take some funny photos of yourself and upload them.

You should upload at least 3 photos _ 1st a close shot of your face, second and third should be you you are doing things. For example: holding a pet or riding a motorbike or eating at a restaurant.

What not to do:

  • Shouldn’t look angry.
  • Not taking a clear picture of your face.

A unique bio:

Study shows that women are more sensitive than man. They do not randomly pick guys, instead, they look at the picture first then take their bio and if they like it then they swap right.

But the bigger question is how to write a Bio that women love?

Millions of men are trying to write unique bios but they cannot write the same thing in a million versions. And search on the internet for “actionable bio” is in thousands. So there is no way you can just search on the Internet and copy and paste it because lots of folks are already doing that. In this way, you will not be able to get a unique bio.

What is the solution?What can I do?
You don’t need any unique bio to attract women towards you but your bio should have some humor that can make women laugh. The more humor you put on the better chance of getting women.
  • Write a bio that makes women laugh.
  • Write a Bio that makes women curious.
  • Do some research on stop words.

Linking of social media:

Most probably when you were created your tinder account you have used your Facebook and Spotify account and linked with tinder. But over time you need to reset your account for a fresh start. But do you know tinder stores your social media information?

If you use the term social media account second or third time then there is a high chance of getting shadowban. So every time you reset your tinder account you should have used a new social media account.

User behavior:

Tinder wants people to stay on their app and follow its guidelines. Over time I have experimented with a few accounts and I can confirm that popup on tinder several times a day for a few minutes significantly increases match.

Tinder wants the people who just pop up and their app for sometimes and forget it because if there are no active people then there will be no active people.

Try to popup on tinder at least 5 times a day. And don’t worry about the time frame you can popup on for 2-3 minutes that’s it. And don’t forget to show off some women and turn on your location.

User attractiveness:

Use attractiveness varies from location to location. If you are living in a big city like LA. or NY, then you will find a lot of competition which will determine your success or failure with tinder. But if you move to a new location like small cities or suburbs then the competition is much less.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t tell you to relocate yourself but what I am trying to say is you should pop up on tinder every time you travel to some places.

Tinder actually searches matches around 100 miles. So if you travel then obviously you can turn on your new location and try to complete with the local attractive label there.

User sensitivity:

Tinder wants real users, not too sensitive users or too picky users who swiped right only models. Tinder rewards are based on their attractiveness and demand among women. So if you swap right to those women who will never swap you right then tinder will not give you priority.

Too gorgeous women should not be swapped right because they are getting thousands of matches every day. They don’t have enough time to look at you.

Swap ratio:

You should swap right only women you truly believe that they will swap you right. You should swap right those women who are actually willing to talk. And when you shop right a woman you must make a conversation with the woman.

According to some well-known research, over 60% time men do not text every woman he swipes right. Which is the first essential for tinder company because this is not normal behavior and they do not one the types of people on their app.

Use who swap left too many women or swap right too many women then his behavior will be considered like a scammer who does not value tinders guidelines and who does not value good user intentions.

Messaging activity:

If you already know how to make women laugh over text or how to make a woman curious over text then you are in a good position. Women get 10 times more matches than men! So everyone sends a text to them. They will reply to those who can make them laugh and who can make them curious.

You have to make a conversation with women. The more you can make a successful conversation on tinder, the better they will see you as a successful person and they will promote your profile.

Successful conversation:

The ratio of successful conversation is very crucial for tinder. But how do they know your conversation is successful or not? Well, the answer is a phone number exchange.

Every successful phone number exchange between you and your match, tinder sees it as a successful conversation. It is their goal to build casual relationships online. So, make your conversation ratio successful, they will promote you over and over again.

Resetting profile:

After following the nine steps above, if you don’t see any result then most probably your profile is under shadowban. Only a complete hard reset will back you in the game of tinder. I have only written on how to reset tinder completely.

Resetting your profile will significantly boost your matches for a week and then you can continue the success the rest of the year by following the technic above.

My personal experience with tinder:

What I have learned after so many years of using tinder?

  • Tinder is a billion-dollar company and they hire a lot of smart people on their algorithms. So trying to cheat them will not work in a long run. If you follow what tinter actually wants from its user then you will be always successful.
  • Scamming tinder’s user base is not a good idea because they’ve ways to track you and your profile.


What are you doing wrong with the tinter algorithm?

  • According to some Gurus and online experts, “not to write too many things on your Bio”. They support their speech by saying, “the less you will write the easier it gets to attract curious girls”. But this only works if you are handsome enough because girls are very sensitive choosing men on tinder.
  • You want a fresh start with tinder but you are doing a soft reset. The soft reset used to work a few years ago but not working this time because tender has developed some powerful ways to track its users.
  • Do not invest in profile photos and not take time to set up full profile with a unique and funny bio.
  • Not resetting a tinder account for too long is also a mistake because I have seen people get shadowban over time. You should reset the tinder account at least twice a year.


What you can expect if you follow all the rules?

If your profile is not shadowbanned then you can expect a positive result within a week. But if you don’t see any result within a week then you should reset your profile and start over.

Sometimes you need to invest in a tinder subscription so if you don’t in tinder gold then you are missing out on the huge potential of tinder.


Learning the tinder algorithm is not everything; you have to follow it for a very long time otherwise it won’t work. I have enlisted the 10 best tinder algorithms which have the most positive impact on a tinder profile without getting banned.

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