Unmatch On Tinder? – Why & How To Do It?

Are you frustrated with women not having conversations after a match? Are you angry enough and take your decision to unmatched those women who never had a conversation with you?

Well, that would be a wrong decision. It will hurt your dollar score minimizing the chances of Re-engaging with previous matched women and also heart your future ranking.

In this article, I am going to you tell you about how to unmatch on tinder as a less why you should not and match and how to solve it without unmatching women.

According to statista_ men outnumbered women by 8 times!

How to Unmatch On Tinder?

Before you unmatch someone on tinder, I suggest you think _ “do you really need to unmatch her?” If not then I highly request you to read this full article first and then decide what to do.

Anyway, if you really want to unmatch, follow my steps below…

Steps to unmatch on tinder:

  1. Tap on Tinder App.
  2. Go to the person_ (a. by tapping on massage or, b. tap on match if you never text her.)
  3. Click the “shield icon” on the top of the right corner.
  4. Click “unmatch”.

What is an unmatch on tinder?

Unmatched on tinder means to make your former match unmatch by tapping the unmatch button. An unmatched person will no longer be on your match list and you cannot text that person.

Unmatching someone means you do not want to talk to them. It clearly tells tender that you are really angry with that particular person and never want to meet him/her again. Tinder will not suggest that person ever again.

Should you unmatch on tinder?

Do you ever hear the terms and “double text”? Well, if you did not hear it let me describe it for you. The double message is a process of starting a conversation with someone who did not reply to your text previously.

Man outnumber women in tinder’s active profile list by sevenfold. So there will be more than seven men for one woman which is insane.

They have hundreds of matches every day! How a person could send a text or reply to a text if she is getting hundreds of text messages from a new account every day?

Do you ever think about that?

The answer is that cannot. They do not even look after all of the text they are getting every day; they only answer the text that looks interesting to them. So your take probably why not that much interesting.

The second reason should be they do not take all the message because it is boring after all every guy tries to pick up women. Maybe the message is a problem or you send it to her inappropriate time where she was not active at all and lots of guys text her later and your message remained untouched.

The third reason is maybe you send short are messages like hai or hello. These types of text have the lowest possibility of getting replay because women receive hundreds of hi, hello every day. So why do they care about your hi?

So if you text them again and restart your conversation then there is a 50% chance you can talk to them.

I have written an in-depth article on “should you double message on tinder “; you should check out that article to be an expert on double message.

Is it hurt ELO?

As a guy, you should never unmatch women no matter what happened and how much angry you are with her. By the time you unmatch her, you lost your chance to re-engage with her.

Tinder definitely sees every successful conversation between you and your match. Your profile boost depends on the success rate. Tinder loves people who can interact well with other people. They reward the man who is really good at making conversation with women.

They will not reward a profile with bad at making successful conversations that end with unmatching.

So, is it hurt your ranking? Unmatching someone definitely hurts your ranking. It takes away Re-engaging opportunities as well as bring a bad sign of unsuccessful conversation which overall heart ELO and is responsible for the potential low match.


If you really want to unmatch someone, then you can do it by following mentioned steps; however, think twice before you unmatch someone on tinder because it significantly hurt your ELO and as well as overall engaging opportunity.

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