Should You Double Message On Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating app on which millions of people across the globe send text messages every single day. Millions of men from the US and Canada send text messages or friend requests to girls. And this online dating Messenger apps handles thousands of text messages for every single person. Usually, boys send text messages to a lot of girls but every message they send is not being replied to. So many send multiple messages to a single profile. So, a common question asked by a lot of men is should I double message on tinder?

Well, this is not a simple question to answer in yes or no. It depends on a lot of factors and very is person-to-person. So without costing master time let’s dive into you the answer.

Should You Double Message On Tinder?

Sending double messages on tinder significantly increases the chances of getting a reply from your potential match up to 12%. Additionally, a double message proves your loyalty and opens the window of opportunity to restart the conversation if a double message happened after four or five hours.

Why it is important to double message on tinder?

The tinder dating app is used by millions of Americans and everyone sending a continuous message to everyone. Sometimes people do not have time to reply to all of the messages. So it is highly likely your message will not be inserted in the first place and this more happens if you take a stick to a girl. Because girls always get more messages than boys. So a follow-up message after sometime is become unavoidable.

So what is a double message?

In an online dating app when someone sends a repeated text or send a text a second time is called a double message. The double message is not something that you send a person to three messages at a time on the contrary if you send a message to someone and after a sometime friend, he or she do not reply to you and then you send him a follow-up message this is called double messaging.

To be more clear double message is being sent by people after 2-3 days. Suppose if send a message to Aman that you like but she didn’t get back to you and the next day if you text her again then this messaging would be called a double message.

According to – Double Message is sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.

What is the ideal time for a double message on Tinder?

According to most experts, the perfect time for a double message is roughly 4 hours after sending the first message. Sending double messages within 4 to 5 hours may increase positive feedback from recipients.

Online dating sites are getting hostile on the account who texts a lot. Sometimes the double text looks spammy, sometimes it is annoying, especially for girls who get a lot of text from different guys. However, double text your recipient somewhat increases your chances of getting noticed and if you do not spam then you will get succeed.

What are the benefits of double texting?

Double texting has some long-term profound impact on your online dating life. Some experts believe that the people who follow the proper rules of double text have a 12% chance that his or her math will be responded to compared to you only a 0.39% chance of those who do not double text.

Benefits of double texting on Tinder:

#1. Opportunity to restart the conversation

First of all, a double text will give you the opportunity to restart the conversation that has ended a long ago. Sometimes girls hesitate to to reply someone who texts her a long ago. If you double text her then she will be highly motivated to send you a reply. Sometimes girls find out messages even after a week and there is a high chance she will not send you the reply after a week.

But if you double text her then she might think she is a very important person and you want her badly. So you will get that soon and I am not claiming that some experts believe that a double text can boost your feedback to 12% which significantly increases ELO.

#2. Caring

Secondly, it shows that you care about her a lot. You are someone who is desperately seeking contact; you are so desperate that you text her several times. But don’t forget that sending too much text in a short period of time will make you suspicious.

So my recommendation is to send her s s text after 4 to 5 hours and write at least something that expresses your desire.

#3. Proves loyalty

Thirdly it proves your loyalty. After a long research on women, I have found out that women love the boys who are lost them. After a few words when you take her back it reminds her that you care about her and you are a genuine person. It proves your trustworthiness and loyalty to her that help her make decisions. In today’s busy world, finding a women’s profile is not hard. So boys usually pass through the woman’s profile and send them text but that usually do not double text her.

The problem of double texting on tinder

First of all, you can easily screw it up. Don’t be too desperate updating some girls it makes you suspicious. You should know when to stop and how to stop. Especially the girls who are getting a lot of messages from guys and who are more suspicious they will block you. And the best solution for it is you should not take care too much. Just write 2-3 lines and tell her that whenever she got time she can text you back. This will make your journey safer.

Secondly, the double texting process is more vulnerable to beat relationships. Girls receive a lot of double text and maybe third time part for time text a lot of guys just takes them randomly and thanks to the presence of online sex camera who are continuously sending a text. To wrap up everything I can tell you if you do not start the double text method properly it is most likely you will get banned from tinder.

What to remember before double texting on Tinder?

If you decide to double text her then you should remember that do not to write too much. Usually, a spammer or spammer bot write constantly message to women. They send continuous messages after a few minutes and most spammer bots stop sending messages after 1 hour. So try to send a second time after 4 hours or more.

What is the proper method of double texting?

The very first thing you should follow is not to text her too early. I should take at least four to five hours, sometimes a week later. As there is no going back or overturning what you have sent you should try not to send to mass at the same time.

The second thing ok is you should not be too rude the second time even if she does not send you replies. Sometimes boys send annoying texts to women who do not reply to them and they started testing at messages sometimes it is too rude for them. And they will instantly block you.

You should not be robotic and send emotionless messages, or too romantic and send emotional messages. In both cases, you will be grounded.

So what to follow in texting:

  • You should be balanced in writing to her like you should not write too much on a reply or brief on a reply or on an invitation. In both cases, you will be considered route and implied.
  • I should write a simple text that explains what your intention is. Writing too much does not make any sense and spoils receivers’ time. Short and casual sentence standard for online dating platforms like tinder.
  • Try to engage when sending a second time. Talking about irrelevant topics will make you nervous and seems confident to a woman and eventually rejects you.
  • Choosing the right time is important but most guys ignore this idea. Sending a text in picker words for midnight is annoying. She may receive your text or not It is not the question but she will charge you when you text her if you text her in peak hour for midnight then she is really thought that you are a responsible person.

According to Nick – Short, sweet, and your opportunity to shine, flirtatious texts are a great way to generate sparks.


To wrap up everything, I can clearly suggest that you should and double message on tinder by following the proper method and proper timing. It not only increases the chances of getting a reply but also opens new opportunities to restart the dead conversation.

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