Do guys like neck kisses?

Guys love women especially when they give them kisses, but not every time when women kissed guys is considered pleasing. Kisses on a sensitive area like the neck represent the aggressiveness of intimation. So, do guys like neck kisses? Most guys like to give kisses on women’s necks but they are not like to be kissed.

According to data, 10% of guy like the neck kisses.

Although every guy found around you will love to be touched by you but if you give them aggressive neck kisses they will not definitely like that. It is kinda awkward and not relevant in romantic touches because a woman is not likely to be that aggressive or show that aggressiveness frequently.

Do guys like neck kisses?

Most guys do not like neck kisses and that type of aggressive behavior from women. According to market data only 10% of guys like neck kisses on the contrary 80% of women like neck kisses. 

From my personal interview, I can understand why I do not like neck kisses. Kisses on someone’s neck is represented aggressive behavior who is strongly indicating the intention of n****** sexual behavior. Guys are used to behaving aggressively to women. But when a woman behaves like that guys must be surprised.

According to Kristie – The neck is a vulnerable part of the body, exposing it is generally a sign of flirtation.

But the question rice do guys love neck kisses. Why don’t guys like that types of kisses from women when they like to give some types of sexual to women? Will dancer should be this is the nature of man mind. Men are being designed to be aggressive sexual behavior no matter what type of man he is. A man is always different politeness and shyness from women all the behave aggressively.

Why guys do not like neck kisses?

guys are not used to experiencing that aggressiveness from women and it is absurd for them when they lose control at the time of intimation. The sensitive area like the neck is used to control the woman’s emotion and touches their sensitive body parts that give the boys intense pleasure as well as the power to control the women.

But and a woman tries to control a guy, most guys do not like them although some guys will find they love the dominating sets from women but this is not the most of the time.

What do the guys feel when a girl kiss on the neck?

At the starting point, if the girl gives the guy some small kisses on the neck that means she really loves him. At this point this is ok. But if the girl takes it further and started licking the guy’s neck or biting his neck that will seem absurd to most of the guys.

So fast a couple of seconds the guy will feel that girl and her love and emotions. But when the time passes and if it continues then they will feel the aggressiveness and speak behavior from the girl this will make them confused.

And after a few minutes, they will start feeling uncomfortable and soon they will try to get off from you.

Some experts believe that guys do not like neck kisses because their mindset is not designed to feel that way of love and emotions from women. They use to seen in movies and used to listen to other people that they should be in control while having sex. But if a girl started to control the whole intimation then their mind will not allow them to stay comfortably.

Should you kiss on a guy’s neck?

Well as long as we should give them a couple of kisses on this is ok but if you try to do it for others and try to lick their neck around then the answer is definitely not. Almost 90% of guys do not like longer kisses on the neck from girls so be aware of the situation and do not make it bad.

What to do before starting neck kisses?

If the guy is your boyfriend or your husband then you don’t need to worry about anything but if you cheating with someone or want some temporary pleasure then you must be cautious on Hickey. HICKIES are great to have but not with someone is not your permanent partner. That may damage his relationship and personal life.

How to give neck kisses to a guy?

You can give it back to your desired guy and give him some kiss on his neck and feel the emotion and sent of the guy’s body. This is completely ok and most women give their boyfriend that type of romantic behavior with some a kiss on the neck.

But do not take it so further because if you start kissing his neck you will immediately repeat on you. And he will on store kisses on your neck and she will accept if you expose your neck not try to lick his neck.

Most guys love to be kissed on their lips and you should do so. You can give some it is on the net and gentle touch around the neck but not so deeply.

How to know if the guys are feeling uncomfortable?

If you aggressively case against then you have a 10% of chance of acceptance. So there is a chance he is not liking your behavior. So how to know and when to stop kissing

The first thing you will notice is that he is trying to get you off from him. you will use his hand and try to make him free. The first couple of seconds you will enjoy it but if he is not enjoying then he will definitely try to push you away. If this is happening then you should stop right away. Either you will is him other places or you should stop it completely.

The second thing he might do is he main use his vocal and tell you to get up. If this is happening then you should stop right now and there is a high chance he may not like you at all.

If he likes you and likes your touches on his neck then what will happen?

Well interestingly there are still some guys who like to be kissed on their neck and you have a 10% chance of acceptance by the guys.

If guys accept your touches then he will definitely wrap you tightly using his arm and you will not use within few seconds he will drag you so tightly and started giving your next to maybe you will touch your life and other places of your body and if this is happening then he wants to make it with you right away.

Will Neck kisses turn me on?

The answer is yes. The neck kiss is probably going to turn you on. The neck is the most sensitive area of your body and a few kisses on your neck will turn you on. And if he kisses your neck and hugs you tightly then I am 100% sure you will start giving him right away.


The overall discussion on, do guys like neck kisses or not is completely dependent on situations and what types of neck kisses you want to give them. But analyzing the whole story and overall situation I can clearly suggest that I can give it as some slight kisses on the neck but do not try to give heavy kisses. Heavy kisses on a snake will make them uncomfortable.

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