Tinder ELO Explained: What is it & how to reset it?

Everyone is going to tinder, everyone wants new girls, a new hook up every week & hundreds of matches with thousands of likes.

But the reality is completely opposite. At the very beginning of your journey with tinder, you get a lot of matches and see a huge potential that is over time evaporite.

After 1 week…

  • Match reduces.
  • Like reduces.
  • And after a week.
  • Little or no match at all.
  • Almost 0 likes.
  • And nearly zero chance of greeting girl.

If you are experiencing a similar problem then you have come to the right place. In this article am going to explain how the tinder algorithm works and how you can actually control tinder ELO in long term without getting a shadowban.


How does tinder work?

Tinder is a dating app where millions of people interact with each other to hook up. People can simply open an account with their phone number and email ID. The basic account is completely free and unless you upgrade your account you don’t need to pay them.

But do you ever ask yourself why on earth they are giving you the free service?

Actually, they are not. Every Tech company needs a huge investment to build and continue technical maintenance. Nobody can give you free service.

How do they finance the costly project? Sometimes they monetize to the advertisement and sometimes they sell premium subscriptions.

If they decided you giving free service to all of you then their company will not be going to survive. So they intentionally reduce your matches over time in a free account, on the other hand, It increases a significant amount of matches on premium subscriptions like Plus, Gold, or Platinum.

But if they don’t give free service now you will come to their apps and they will be running out of business. So what is the solution then?

They allow users to open accounts without cost and they give and weeks of profile boost make a positive impression. Later tinder reward only those who upgrade their profiles. This is how tinder makes money.

Now you know how a massive tech company like tinder survives in the comparative market and what is there ultimate goal is?

But there is one problem even you upgrade your profile and pay to tinder. There is no guarantee that in long term you will sustain your success. Because Tinder not only wants your money they want to build a legitimate business. As a result, they penalize profiles that don’t have the quality to attract and interest other people.

So how to make your profile more interesting and user-friendly that loves and continues rewarding you even if you don’t upgrade your profile.

But before we jump onto the topic we should learn what is Tinder ELO.

Tinder ELO explained

What is Tinder ELO?

Tinder ELO is an algorithm based on the attractiveness, desirability, and actions of a user. It is a non-stop process that defines the visibility of your profile through your interactions and moves with the app and with the other uses.

Millions of users continuously trying to get a match, but they cannot reward everyone in their ecosystem because the desirability rate is not the same. If they match with undesirable people then nobody will be interested in this app. So they need an ecosystem and algorithm who is taken defines the best people on their apps and rewards them.

Let’s talk about how you can improve your desirability rating on tinder.

Tinder ELO is a process or system which ensures the visibility and attractiveness of highly actionable profiles.

But there are no such people on the market who exactly knows how tinder ranks a profile except the CEO of tinder. Everyone out their claims that they know exactly how tinder works is a complete lie.


How to reset Tinder ELO?

But how I can help you to improve your desirability?

With hundreds of hours of research and reviewing over 1000 success profiles, I can only suggest to you what you can actually do to improve your desirability rating but I can’t explain to you, or I can confirm you that this will work for you or not.

Wait a minute do you intend to leave this article? I was joking man.

Although I can not exactly tell you how tinder ranks a profile, I can help you to improve your match and ELO score based on experience.

So without further ADO let’s discuss the four most important steps which will significantly boost your profile match.

Best actionable steps:

Quality profile:

Quality profile most online Gurus are cleverly avoiding this topic because they think people will not pay them if they reveal this secret.

Do you know how important it is to build a quality profile? Every business needs legitimacy; they need real people.

Needs legitimacyNeed real peopleAttract people
Think about that if you are the owner of tinder what will you want from users and how will you revert them? Of course, you wanted actual humans not stammer; with a complete profile. Then and you would reward them who listen to you and who obey your guidelines and help you to sustain the business.

Online honeypot account usually doesn’t complete their profile perfectly they are not real people. They don’t link to social media and uses a fake image. They don’t follow community guidelines because they don’t care about the community and they don’t care about the business.

So, tinder needs guidelines and rules and algorithms to enforce rules to sustain their user base and attract quality people to save their business.

Think about it if you got tender and see all the crappy girls, would you stay there? Would you pay your money? So, they will reward the top-notch profile built by people.

And I have seen over and over time people try to cheat tender but they forget Tinder is a million-dollar business; they hire the most sophisticated people. They will find out everything and make you shadowbanned.

So don’t try to cheat them; try to help them and help the community.

How to build a quality profile?

A quality user profile depends on two main things_ one is an actionable Bio and the other is a real picture that describes a person’s personality.

#1. Actionable bio#2. Attractive profile picture

Tinder rewards the profile people love. But how do they know which profile people love? They look for profiles with the stop word one which people actually stop and read a profile.

Your profile should be interesting enough to read by people spending their valuable time. When Tinder sees people are loving a profile then they simply show it to other people because they want to engage people in their app.

There is no way to reward a profile that people don’t interested in. They don’t want to make angry users.

An actionable bio should contain:

  1. Element of surprise.
  2. Stop words.
  3. A strong call to action.
  4. Real social media links.
  5. Written in simple language.
  6. It should be funny.

I have seen people doing mistakes on their profile pictures because they thought it is not that important. Most guys think that they don’t look like a male model so they cannot do much on their profile picture which is completely a misconception.

You don’t need to be the highest looking guys around to meet new girls because as long as you look interesting and attract people your profile is 100% ok.

Simply uploading a selfie or a picture that doesn’t describe your best personality will not going to work in a long run. Your profile picture is the main attraction point for women, so it should be highly desirable.

Investing in a quality photographer for a good profile picture that does not attract women is hot spending. Professional photographers know how to make good photos because they are trained to find out a person’s beauty. Photographers exactly know in what colors you look the best.

Sometimes you don’t need that much of like if you have the quality match. After hundreds of hours of research and looking over 1000 profiles, I have come to the conclusion is a picture with a pet works 10 times better.

I have also observed changing your profile picture every week with different personality attract more women naturally. Suppose you can upload a picture with your dog then I will like you and they will highly interested to talk with you.

And these pictures work so well that you have even 5 or 6 matches for the whole week even then they are interested to talk with you and you can make at least two dates.

Steps to have an amazing profile picture:

Hire a professional photographer if you can afford or at least ask for help from your friend who knows how to take photos.

  1. Take some pictures with pets like with dogs and cats separately.
  2. Take some photos with a bike.
  3. Take some photos at a tourist spot.
  4. Take some photos at the restaurant.
  5. Take some photos with a professional look pretend to be a boss business owner.

The list will go on and on and on and if you have some photographer then they will suggest much better things and taken take photos that attract women because if your photo doesn’t seem interesting enough then nobody will stop and spend their time on your profile.

By using various photos you can retarget the women of your cities. I have seen if people upload a photo with a cat then simply cat owner women are highly interested to talk with them.


User activity:

The second most important algorithm is how often do you use tinder. Tinder wants people should spend their time with their audience and this is how they will make money. They want people to stay on their app.

So if you are the owner of the tender then how will reward people?  Of course, the people who like to spend time in your app.

And I have tested that every time I pop up on tinder, I see a boost in my profile. There is a positive correlation between user activity and profile boost.

But you don’t need to spend the whole day with tinder; open the tinder app several times a day for a few minutes and check if someone likes you or texts you. Every time you popup on tinder if should swap for at least 2 minutes.

According to some experts if you remain active on tinder from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. then you have a high chance of getting noticed by tinder. Because in this time everyone is working means fewer man active on tinder, So you will be in the top 30% easily.


Some experts believe that it should be Picky to get your profile on top 30% which I don’t really believe. Because I think, Pickiness should be natural, otherwise, they will shadowban you.

Most online gurus claim that being a very picky person you can cheat tender which is wrong.

Your swap left-right ratio should be moderate and natural. You should not swap right at every woman you come across or you also should not swipe left most of the women. Both of the scenarios are harmful and there is a high chance that you will run out of women within a month even within two weeks.

Tinder doesn’t like the guys who are too sensitive to women and swap right to every time. To save their business, they need actual users who are willing to co-operate with them, not to destroy their business.

There is no exact search number that you should swap left 9 out of 10 women and swap right 1 out of 10 women. Some experts claim to swap right only 30 percent of women will get you success. But both of the statistics will not be going to work out because tinder has updated its rules and guidelines to stop every toxic user.

What you should do?What you should not do?
  • Only swap left the woman you like but don’t do it for model-like women because they are not likely to answer your text.
  • Swap right if women look decent and friendly because if it’s alright a lot of women and they do not show up you right then your ELO score will be much lower.
  • Only soft right if you want to text them.
  • Only soft right if you are sure that this woman will like you.
  • Swap right with every woman you come across.
  • Shoprite only model-like women.
  • Unnatural swiping.
  • Too much swap.
  • Swap for a longer time.

Messaging activity:

The most important actionable step to improve your ELO score is your messaging activity. Tinder looks at how people are interacting with your message because if most people are not replying to you and they are not enjoying talking with you there is no reason to boost your profile.

This is so important that it defines your success and failures. If you really want to improve your ELO score much higher then you should be interesting enough that people love you.

Tinder will look at how many people are talking to you comfortably against how many people do not answer back.

I have seen that a longer message has better desirability but the message should not be much longer. The people who start their opening message with a simple “hi…” have a lesser chance of getting success. You should ask her something that attracts her attention that forces her to answer.

Your message should be stand out from the crowd full stop your message should be like to real human not too sensitive to stop if you right too sensitive and sexual content then most women are going to report.

What you should do?What you should not do?
  • Try to write longer messages.
  • Read her profile carefully and find out some interesting topics she is doing and ask questions on that.
  • If the woman likes Paapi or if she has a hobby then it is good to ask her about the hobby.
  • If the woman’s face is similar to any famous personality then you can ask her by saying are you the famous “X” that I have felt on TV internet Facebook or whatever places.
  • Opening conversations with a woman are very important and you can Trigger the emotion by asking an interesting question about her life and by commenting interesting lines on her passion hobby for looks.

But don’t take anything on political because if she is not from the same political views then she will easily block you.

Most people make the mistake of sending the first message just “hi..”. Think about it if you are a woman then a lot of guys are likely to text you every day, and when you are getting a 30/40 message every day then who would you like to answer? Of course, who drives your attention to ask you interesting questions.

Tinder wants to make you happy because this is how they drive their business. They want you to send your phone number and receive others’ phone numbers and make some real-life casual HookUp.

Every successful phone number exchange I will help you to secure your ELO score.

Tinder needs business, they need happy people. And how do the people feel happy? When they find a casual relationship on tinder when they find a women’s phone number, they will be happy. This is a strong sign of ELO but most of the guys don’t look into that.

Now I have described to you the 4 most important factors to improve your ELO score and get lots of matches.

Should I use premium subscriptions?

Those are the most important factors that you need to improve in all cases no matter if you are using a free membership, or a tinder gold, or a Platinum.

Tinder premium subscription will only help to reach more women but these four factors will help you make real conversations. I have seen a lot of guys who don’t care about that file and who don’t know how to open a message when they fail because even if they are using tinder gold or tender Platinum romance on to talk to them to stop sometimes some women talks but they cannot make it real life hook up.

Are Premium subscriptions boost my ELO?

Playing with the most important actionable ELO,  you might have already realized that how important it is to maintain an equality profile, user activity, trickiness, and messaging activity.

Now it’s time to think over whether you are going to invest in tinder, or you want the free method.

In most cases, I found upgrading your account into tinder gold worth a lot of money because in long run it helps you in so many ways that nothing can help you like that.

But of course, if you are not that busy or if you don’t have enough money to pay them then you could follow other rules and attract more people organically.

If you want to invest what to do?

If you have the money tonight definitely suggest you invest on tinder because it saves a lot of time that you can invest somewhere else.

Tinder has 3 different premium subscriptions_Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. I highly recommend people not to buy a premium subscription in the first two weeks. Because tinder boosts every profile in the first week. So if you invest in the first week then you are losing potential in tinder.

Investing guidelines on tinder:

First 2 weeks3rd and 4th week5th and 6th weekRest of your life span
In the very first two weeks of your journey with tinder,  you don’t need to pay anything. All you need is to improve your account’s user activity and attractiveness; tinder will automatically match your account within this time. Although you will see a harp pick in the fast week and a significant drop of the match in the second week.
In the third and fourth week you will start to get little matches on tinder and I highly recommend you invest some money on Tinder Plus. This will help you maintain your potential.
You need to upgrade your tinder subscription again in the time frame if you really want to maintain the traffic flow. Investing some money in Tinder Gold will help you to maintain this status because with the tinder gold account you can see who likes you and tinder will help you to boost your account also.
from this time the journey with tinder will be smoother if you are a Tinder Platinum user. This is the highest substitution from tinder and they want people to use it. They will promote your profile with the top priority and I’ve found in the long run that tinder Platinum is the only subscription that helps people to stand out from the crowd.


What is the best time to boost on tinder?

Tinder boost helps you to attract more women than you can attract organically. But you should not boost every day; whenever you go to a new place or you upload new photos, then I definitely recommend you to boost.

What else you can do to improve tinder ELO?

But if you don’t want to waste your money on tender then you have to do a lot of hard work to maintain your traffic flow which is possible only when they consider you as an asset for them. Only promotes the account those people love and spend time with because this is how they sustain their business.

Swapping activity: Your shopping activity is very important to sustain your accounts traffic flow in the long run because only tended you are the people who use their app with genuine intentions.

Avoid model-like women: You should not swap right if you think the woman will not swap you right because when you right swap to someone and she does not swap you right, then in that thing it’s a bad signal.

Location advantage: I should take advantage of your location. When you go somewhere else if you stop for 2 to 3 minutes, pop up on tinder, turn on your location; Swap some women in that city will boost your ELO score.

Increase attractiveness: You can increase your attractiveness in two ways_ by taking interesting photos of you and popup on tinder through various locations. Whenever you go somewhere else or some cities then you should stop and pop up on tinder because the attractiveness definition varies from city to city. If you can find out the less competitive cities like small towns then you can easily increase your attractiveness.

Conversation Optimisation: In the long run, tinder rewards the people who can talk well. Tinder wants a successful conversation; a conversation that leads its user to a casual hookup. They will see how many phone numbers you can successfully connect to your conversation. They will also notice if the women are talking with you freely or just leaving you without answering your text. So you should make your conversation skill interesting.

Activeness: You don’t need to remain active throughout the whole day but tinder will definitely notice if you are really concerned about using tinder. Open the app several times a day and spend 2-3 minutes at a time. I personally experienced more reach with my account when I open tinder. Then when I go offline my profile starts to drop.

Key swapping time: Although there is not exactly staying on the internet you can definitely take advantage of key swapping time. On working days you should be active between 2 and 4 p.m when everyone is working, no one will be on tinder; so, you will definitely achieve the top 30% position.

Must active time: You should definitely remain active on Sunday 2:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in with nights and Sunday 9 p.m. after years of research and observation I have come to this conclusion that this ki time people love to spend time intended most of this time people wants to go there hookups for the whole week.

What harms tinder ELO score?

There is starting behavior and restrictions that you should not do on tinder to stop if you do it then tinder will definitely Shadowban you and harm your ELO score.

What you should not do:

  • Do not be rough or rude with women.
  • Don’t express your political views.
  • Don’t hurt someone’s personal life.
  • Try to be normal, do not shadow on your matches.
  • Don’t upload sexually explicit photos.


Tinder ELO helps thousands of our readers to find more matches in an organic way. If you think it is helpful, don’t forget to make a comment.

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