Tinder Reset : Reset Tinder For 10x More Matches

Tinder is awesome. It comes with a lot of potential and features that help millions of Americans find casual HookUp online. Usually, people have high Expectations with tinder. They thought that it would be easy to get casual hookups with tinder.

On the contrary, they get…

  • Little or no match
  • Below average women
  • Shadowban
  • And end with Reseting

So what do you do when you get no match on tinder?

After upgrading your profile and changing your behavior if still, you don’t get any match then the only option you have left is resetting tinder.

Tinder wants new users and they want new people to survive in business. So they revert every new profile for at least one week. And after one week the match started to drop. Over 70% time people get frustrated with tinder after one and a half weeks.

Tinder only rewards the top 70% of men who have higher desirability among women. Tinder wants the profile which people love to spend time on.

And most guys out there don’t know no how to make their profile better. In contrast, they try to cheat tinder and in the long run, they do not see any success and get frustrated.

How to reset tinder in 2021?

1. Delate your tinder account

  1. Open tinder
  2. Goes to setting
  3. Click delete account
  4. Confirm account deletion.


2. Remove access from FB

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Go to apps and websites.
  4. Click login with Facebook.
  5. Click tinder.
  6. Click remove the app.
  7. Confirm action.

3. Collect another phone number.

4.  Reset the router and get a new IP address.

5. Reset phone

Reset iOS:

  1. Open your phone setting
  2. Go to general
  3. Scroll down and press Reset
  4. Select all content and
  5. Reset

Reset Android:

  1. Open your phone setting
  2. Go to about phone
  3. Select factory reset

6.  Create a new email.

7. Create a new Google account or a new Apple ID.

8. Create new FB & Spotify

9. Download the tinder app.

10. Create a new profile with a fresh photo & bio.


Do not use the same photos that you had uploaded to your previous account. Do not Link your Instagram or Facebook with your new tinder profile. And don’t use your same credit card to buy tinder gold.

Why should you need to reset?

The fast thing with tinder should not be resetting it, however, if you have tried hard enough to improve your tinder ELO score but failed then there is no option other than resetting your profile.

By the way, if you don’t know how to improve your tinder ELO score then if it definitely check out this article on how to improve your tinder ELO score.

So after trying to improve your low score when you see no results then the only option you have is to reset your Tinder profile.

Why should you reset?

  • For a fresh start
  • To avoid tinder shadowban
  • For an initial boost
  • To redesign your reputation with tinder
  • To find a new match

You should definitely reset your tinder account when think something is wrong and then figure out what you should do to improve your current situation.

Why you should not reset?

If you reset several times and you did not see any result then you should not reset over and over again. Tinder somehow tracks you and Shadowban your account. So you are not getting anything extra resetting your account.

Sometimes too many reset significantly damage your reputation with tinder and sometimes its resetting process is too complex that people always ignore some crucial steps and they are caught by tinder.

What you should do before resetting?

I always recommend users try at list a week before resetting their account. The first thing you should try to improve is your tinder ELO score by updating their profile picture your Bio and your activity.

And you should at least use tinder gold because if everything is right and you are not getting any match then you should definitely use a premium subscription.

Every company needs to save their business they need money so they will definitely want you to be a subscriber. Over time they will reduce your match with other people so you need to upgrade your profile.

Tinder gold is always the best option because you can see how many people like you and who are there.

If I still do not see any result what should I do?

It is very common that most people do not improve their behavior and update their profile to get the maximum benefit out of tinder.

Paying tinder money is not the only solution because they want the top people so if your behavior is scary they will not promote your account.

I have done everything still do not get any match:

If you have done everything you are properly with your account and still do not get any match then you should contact their customer service by saying …

Hey…, I have done everything I don’t think my profile is too bad. I recently use tinder gold but still, I am not getting enough matches! What should I do? Could you comment on what was going on with my profile?

They will reply to you within 2-3 business days and in most cases, you will start getting more matches.

What are the options?

To reset your account you can follow either a soft reset or a hard reset. But in my option, going to a hard reset has the advantage over a soft reset. Because nowadays, tinder is very smart, if you have done a soft reset too many times then you probably are tracked by tinder and they will easily Shadowban your account.

But it’s hard to reset; you’re changing everything, every information tinder has. From your name to your picture, and your social media profile_ everything will be changed in hard resetting. So they will not definitely track you.

You will get a fresh start with a new account new bio and newly designed behavior.

Impact on ELO:

Resetting the tinder account has a positive impact on your ELO score. You are going to get a fresh start with a positive attitude and then they will reward you for the fast two weeks. So you are definitely improving your ELO score.

And with the changing behavior you can show tinder you are a completely different person and you deserve the most attractive woman.

Should you reset tinder frequently?

In the past, people used to reset tinder every week, and they got the result but today tinder is smart and they have hundreds of ways to track you. Resetting tinder frequently is not the best idea.

Tinder hates people who reset too often. They stored your data in their service after 3 months. So if you have done a soft reset within 3 months then you will be shadowbanned.

Can you transfer the subscription on reset?

No, you can not transfer any premium subscription with tinder after resetting your account. Tinder does not like resetting and to prevent this tinder ban transferring suspicion on the newly built account.

Once you reset an account you are unknown to tinder. And there is no way you can claim your subscription.

What tinder things on resetting?

Resetting tinder too often is harmful to their business. It creates use information junk on their server. They left their resetting option for a fresh start because sometimes people do not know how they should use tinder. So after using two to three months they realize they should improve their behavior with tinder.

How many times should you reset?

Resetting the tinder profile every year is highly recommended. Although some people reset their account once a week and even once a month who is good easily let them shadowban.

In conclusion

To wrap up everything resetting a tinder account is always helpful for the future but doing it too many times will significantly hurt your match. They have hundreds of ways to track you and stop every time you visit your account with a new profile tinder has some sort of information with them.

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