What is considered BBW?


BBW is an acronym for Big Beautiful Woman. BBW is an acronym for Big Beautiful Woman. BBW is a term used to refer to a woman who has a lot overweight, but it does not mean that her body has excess fat or any other reasons. BBW women have more curvaceous bodies than average-size women. … Read more

Why do men like BBW? Do they Exotic?


Why do men like BBW? Men like BBW women because they are confident, comfortable with their curve bodies, loving & caring nature. However, some men like them because of the exotic sex adventure and fatty body. BBW women are more confident about themselves because they know that men find them attractive despite their weight. They … Read more

Meet BBW shemale Now


Who is a BBW? Well, the acronym “BBW” is an abbreviation for big beautiful women. A BBW is a term that’s used to describe women who are overweight or fat but are considered attractive. It’s also sometimes used in reference to plus-size women. However, some people use it as an insult—so if someone says this … Read more

Do guys like skinny girls?


Dating a girl is always a fun thing to do however not every girl come across is considered a sixer. Some men prefer healthy girls while others prefer skinny girls the choice varies from man to man. Every man has a different test to girls and you cannot particularly say that specific types of body … Read more

Do guys like neck kisses?


Guys love women especially when they give them kisses, but not every time when women kissed guys is considered pleasing. Kisses on a sensitive area like the neck represent the aggressiveness of intimation. So, do guys like neck kisses? Most guys like to give kisses on women’s necks but they are not like to be … Read more

Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You


Girls are not easily getable. Every woman on this planet has a similar mindset and they thought they are… According to medium.com _Women Are Notoriously Reluctant To Express Their True Feelings But if you are not an Alpha male, girls might not approach you; you have to approach them. This is not like they don’t … Read more

How much does it cost to get laid?


It is most boys’ dream of getting laid more often, however, dreams become handy if you are a budgeted person. Money always has been the single most important factor in getting laid and getting women more often. Don’t worry I will go deep into this problem and try to find out the solution for you. … Read more