Tinder Swipe Surge Explained: What Is It & How To Take Advantage Of It?

If you are frustrated on tinder not having enough matches, a tinder swipe surge might help you remove frustration providing a short boost with better engagement.

However, a swipe surge is an uncertain thing to follow; nobody knows where and when it will happen.


A swipe surge mostly happens following …

  • Festivals
  • Holidays
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Sunday Nights
  • Monday Nights


What is a tinder swipe surge?

Tinder swipe surge is referred to a moment when 2/3 times more people lighten up in an area with tinder. It is most common in big cities ensuring 15% to 20% more matches & 33x faster meet up with 250% matchmaking potential.

So, it takes place when there are a ton of users who are utilizing tinder in an area. If there is some big event that’s happening in an area or just some reason that attracts a ton of users on Tinder, swipe surge starts.

It is normal when you find some days when users are all sleeping or inactive and some days when there are a lot of users on tinder. Sometimes people love using dating apps, sometimes not. Tinder lets you know through its swipe surge feature that mood is on!

How long does it continue?

tinder swipe surge continues as long as the user number doesn’t get too low. There must be 2x or more users to continue a swipe surge, otherwise, it stops.



Where and when does it happen?

It can happen anywhere at any time, on day or night, but it will be in cities; not in small towns where a small number of people live. The more people who are within an area the more likely it is that the tinder swipe surge is going to happen.

When tinder first released swipe surge it was only really unlocked for big city areas and they utilized it for only certain ones like LA, Chicago, New York, etc. But now it is popularized all around the big and medium-sized cities.


How will you know when it happens?

When a swipe search happens you’ll be notified through your phone. So be sure that you have your notifications turned on for tinder to take advantage of it. As there is no fixed time for the tinder swipe surge, nobody exactly knows when and where it will act.


How to join?

When a swipe surge is happening, it’s just going to your tinder app and start swiping right away. So, after getting the notification from tinder, open your app and start swapping. That’s it. Your profile will pop up and people will find you.


What are the benefits?

A big benefit of swipe surge is getting a free tinder boost for short time. Tinder wants people to get engaged with other people at a swipe surge, they want more engagement and more trust. But those who are not active on the app at that time will lose the most appealing moment which a person only gets through premium subscriptions.


Is it free?

Yes, a tinder swipe surge is completely free! You do not need to pay anything or buy any subscription to access it. If you didn’t get a Shadowland, you will enjoy its benefit.



Why did tinder start using the swipe surge?

Well, they want the business, they want trust among users that people believe their systems. They want a loyal user base that converts into premium buyers in near future. In a swipe surge, users experience how a “Tinder Gold” or “Tinder Platinum” user feels every day, how do they get matches, and how do their profile gets boosted.

It might seem odd to you but it is true.

During swipe surges, users get 20 times more matches and meet up 33 times faster!

When a user, especially male, gets a lot of women, they get excited and want it again. A lot of them don’t wanna wait for long for the next swipe surge, they convert from a free user to a premium user.

For those of you who are freer users, you do know that you can swipe 100 times a day. So, if you have already spent your most swipe, there is not much you can do. But still, you can remain active in this time and try with your luck.

But the good news for Plus, Gold, or Platinum users, they have an unlimited number of swipes. They can swipe all day long.


Should I use tinder boost during swipe surge?

A swipe surge is actually giving you that boost, so it’s not really necessary to use it during a swipe surge. Tinder boost works excellent but it is not effective during boost; it’s a waste of money.


Should you use super likes?

Only active users enjoy swipe surges. So without super like you can do well. However, it is surely going to increase your match by 3 times because other user knows you already swiped right on them.


How to get better matches during swipe surge?

Well, you should maintain a top-quality profile that describes your personality and attracts more women. A swipe surge gives only a short boost but it does not guarantee your success. Your dating success truly depends on your profile picture, bio, and conversations capacity.

So, to get a better match and more dates, don’t forget to maintain your profile.


How to get a better result?

It is not enough to take part in tender sides you better input your profile and bios along with improving your conversation skills.

Swipe surge gives you a temporary boost but it does not guarantee your success. More reach will bring more women to your profile but what is the use of reaching more women when they will swipe left on you.

So, before you get excited and wait for the next swipe surge, I highly recommend you improve your overall profile and conversation skills.

Tinder opening lines have a great impact on successful conversations. The Boring opening lines you will find on the internet are used by thousands of others. So you have to be creative to make a successful conversation with women.

But how to make a good profile and how to start your conversation, I am not going to discuss in this article because it will make this article much longer. You can take those articles here.


How to join a tinder swipe surge?

Nobody knows when and where tinder swipe surges will pop up. But from the previous statistics and experience, I can tell you when there is a big festival happens or a concert happens there is a high chance of a swipe surge.

So when you are traveling for a concert or for a public festival then you should turn on your tinder notification, so that if the moment comes tinder can notify you.


Is it hurt my ELO score?

Well, if you got too many swipes left then of course it will hurt your ELO score. So be careful before you pop up on a surge if your profile is not ready and if you are not ready yet then do not use it.


What to do if I am shadowbanned

Well, there is nothing you can do about it. Once your shadowbanned you are always banned from tinder. Your profile is no way to have the boost at the time of surge happen. So you better reset your profile to utilize the moment.


In conclusion

Swipe surge offers unforgettable moments for every male who didn’t use tinder Gold or Platinum. Tinder giveaway month’s worth of premium privilege at that moment.  So, don’t forget to turn on your notification on tinder; you can’t afford to lose that moment.

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