What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder? (Tinder Blue Star Explained!)

The most popular dating app like tinder attracts thousands of new males and females every single day. And if you are new to tinder it is very likely to get confused even with a simple feature like Tinder Blue Star.

Because you will see the Blue Star in three different places…

  • Blue Star on the tinder discovery screen.
  • Blue Star is on the match list.
  • And Blue Star on top pics.

So, it is normal to get confused with the Blue Star in different places. Now, I am going to explain what does the Blue Star means on tinder in the 3 different places. Are those the same thing with the same meaning, or in different places means different things?

Let’s break it one after another.



What does the Blue Star mean on tinder?

Tinder Blue Star is the sign of tinder Super Like which indicates someone super liked you. It can be seen on the discovery screen, match list, or on the top picks. It helps you to stand out with 3x more chats with 70% longer conversations.

The tinder Blue Star in different places represents the same thing and describes the same meaning.

What is Tinder Super Like?

The tinder Super Like is a feature that allows a person to be discovered by the person whom he tapped the tinder Blue Star icon. Then the Blue Star icon will pop up on the giver profile which indicates the strong desirability and eagerness of that person.

The tinder Plus and the tinder Gold premium subscribers get 5 super like while free users gets only one super likes.

Where can you see the Blue Star on tinder?

A Tinder user will come across the Blue Star icon in 3 different places. They are the tinder Discovery screen, the tinder match list, and the tinder top picks.


Blue Star on the tinder discovery screen:

While swapping on others’ profile on the tinder discovery screen, you will see some profile has a Blue Star on them. You will find it at the bottom of their profile picture. There is a Blue Star it indicates the person Super Liked you.

Getting a lot of super like is very helpful in tinder ELO, because the more people liked your profile, the better chance of having a successful conversation.

However, if you don’t see e Blue Star on your Discovery screen frequently then you should change your profile picture and bio so that more people like your profile.

If you want to super like someone then you can do so by swapping the profile up or tapping on the Blue Star icon.


Blue Star in the tinder match list:

The sign of Super Like will be found on the tinder match list. When someone super liked a profile then the person will obviously see the Blue Star in his tinder match list.

So, while checking your match list, you may see Blue Star next to a person’s name.


The Blue Star is different than the blue verification icon; don’t it forget that.

It is highly recommended to start a conversation with the Blue Star person because as the person super liked you, so the person is highly likely to want to talk with you.


Blue Star on the tinder top picks:

An account with a tinder gold subscription can see 10 Top Picks every day, while a free account can see only 1 Top Picks a day.



So, while checking your Top Picks’ screen, you may see some Blue Star profiles. This Blue Star has the same functionality and shares the same feature as Blue Star in other places.


Should you use tinder Blue Star?

In my option, I definitely recommend you to use Blue Star in the tinder Super Like feature. I have seen a lot of guys who don’t understand how important it is. Even if you are not spending on premium subscriptions, you can still use a Blue Star every day.

Well, some experts argue that the Blue Star doesn’t have that much potentiality, but I don’t agree with them. When someone Super Liked you, and you Super Liked on someone, that increases the chance of making a successful conversation without Double Message.

But most people do not know how to use this feature to meet more people effectively.

The problem is people don’t know how should they use this feature. This is not the problem with this feature, this is the problem of the user who doesn’t actually know how should he use it.

So I definitely recommend you to use this feature. You have one chance every day or if you are a gold user then you can definitely use 5 super like every day.


How does tinder Blue Star help you?

Tinder Blue Star helps you stand out against another person by highlighting your profile in front of the person you gave super like.

Super like is not a normal like on tinder, it is a special type of like that shows someone is highly interested to talk with you. It is like flirting with the person whom you are interested in.

Super Liked profile drives high attention by standing out against others and definitely captures the interest by 3 times.


When did tinder use the Blue Star fast time?

The Tinder Blue Star feature first came out in 2015. At the time they thought to release a new feature called tinder Super Like.


How to undo a super like?

A lot of times when we are swiping too frequently, we may mistakenly like or Super Like some person whom we do not want to meet. As you know, Super Like is very rare and you only have one chance if you have a free profile and with a tinder Gold subscription you only get five of them, so it is pretty rare, and you should not waste the Super Like on someone who you don’t want to meet with.

So how to undo it:

Undoing a Blue Star is easy If you are using tinder Gold. Now, I am explaining to you how you should and do a Blue Star. You can do it in two ways:

  1.  For tinder Gold users, you can easily undo the Blue Star by simply tapping on the Yellow rewind button.
  2. Or, you can go to the message screen and tap on The Red flag or on unmatch button. (if someone accidentally matched)

But, if you are under free user then you are out of luck. Once you have done a mistake, you cannot undo your action. That means if you mistakenly give a person Blue Star, you cannot undo it.


How to get more Blue Star on my profile?

Well, you can hire a professional photographer and take some interesting profile pictures, and don’t forget to make interesting your profile bio.

When your profile picture is interesting, Tinder Algorithms will automatically attract other people to give you Super Like.



Tinder Blue Star simply refers to Super Likes, a feature that helps a profile stand out from the crowd to more likely have a successful conversation. Some people refer to it as flirting or seductive or provocative ways to pock a person.

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