Onlyfans | Onlyfans review 2022

OnlyFans is notable among nude photo buy-sell websites. More than 10 or 12 million North Americans have maintained their trust in this website, which is a testament to its continuous improvement over the past seven years.

Although this website is a social media platform where any type of content can be monetized by selling subscriptions to followers. However, this platform is currently very popular for adult content lovers.


So let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of this platform.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an adult social media platform where content creators sell their custom-made content to followers for a fixed monthly fee.

But after opening an account on this website you will find many accounts that have created many video content for free. You can follow them for free although it is mandatory to add your credit card i.e. payment information on this platform to follow any account.


Number of Users:

The monthly user base of this website is close to 12 million which has transformed this platform into one of the best and leading content monetization performers.

The number of users in the United States is about 51 percent, and the number of users in the UK in the second position is only 9.3 percent. Besides, 4.4 and 3.6 percent of users from Canada and Australia respectively are using this platform.

One thing that is clear is that only Americans account for the majority of the entire platform in terms of user numbers. If European and American users are added, more than 80% of users come from these two regions!

This platform is very popular in USA and Europe where you will find great quality content creators.

Website Interface:

This website is basically a social media platform like Twitter where any kind of content creator can monetize their content. However, in this case, they did not have any content filtering option.

You can search any post if you want, but what type of post you like will be suggested depending on the activity. You can write posts yourself if you want, but if you want to find adult content creators of your choice, you have to google the account names separately, search here and follow them from there.

There is no opportunity to find direct adult content on this website. But by going to the search post you can find bullets using adult keywords. But from there you will not understand which content creators are the most suitable for you. In this case, it depends on the third party.

I find this very frustrating because other nude photo shopping websites have their own content filtering options that help users easily find the accounts they want. Besides, the top following accounts are listed so that the top performers can be easily contacted.

After entering this website you will find Home Page Button, Notification Button, Messages Button, Bookmark Button, List, Subscription Button, and Your Profile Button.

That is, all these options that are required for a social media site are given here. But a dedicated adult website lacks options such as finding female models based on age, fitness or breast size.

Not only that, a new user cannot open an account on this website and follow any creator without adding a credit card or payment option.

Account Options:

In the Notifications and Messages option, you will receive messages from your favorite subscribers if they have messaged you. Also, if you have any bookmarked profiles, you will find them in the bookmarks option.

But in the bookmark option, you can bookmark photos, videos, audio, or anything else. You can also lock them if you want.

Also, by listening to list off, you will get a list of who you are following, who you have bookmarked, who are your close friends, who you have put in restricted mode, or who you have blocked. As a result, it will be convenient to control your account very easily.

This feature is especially appreciated, as other social media platforms don’t offer lists like this. As a result many times we are not found to be followed and blocked.

But the subscription option is very important in this case as you have to subscribe to most of the profiles on a monthly charge basis. That’s why by coming to this option which profiles you have subscribed to, which are active, which have expired, which are going to expire, you will find all these here.

My personal opinion on OnlyFans:

If you have enough time then you can google yourself or follow the nude models in our list and buy nude from their accounts. But the best thing is to have an account on a dedicated nude shopping site where you can filter to your liking and find the model you want which is obviously not available on this website.

But if you want good quality entertaining videos then you can come to this website and make an account. Your home page will get many videos that are of very good quality.

However, since I am only talking about nude photo shopping websites in this post, I did not like this website at all. Even though millions of users have put their trust in this website, I personally don’t want to spend so much time searching for nude female models on social media.

But if you want to stay in touch with a large community and connect with this huge fan base, you can definitely create an account on this website.

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