Skibbel – Free video sexting website!

When it comes to video sexting,  Skibbel has something special to offer. It is not like other ordinary sexting apps where you just create an account or enter their chat room and start talking with people.


This platform collects users and allows them to upload their photos and their sexual preferences.

Let’s drive into this platform and see if you should use this platform or not

User base

The first thing about any adult dating platform you should notice is its user. Do they have a lot of users or do they have a few users?

A rich user base brings a lot of potentials that helps to communicate with new strangers every day and also brings people across the country on the same platform. This eventually helps you to make a lot of friends.

This platform has the largest share of the market. They have over 200k active users per month which are impressive enough for any sexting enthusiast.

Almost 31% of their user are from America, Germany shares 18%, and Italy and the UK shares almost 8%.

The unique thing about this sext line is the German users. I have never seen any American chat line that has these types of user dominance by the Germans.

But don’t worry you are going to meet women from the US and Europe. It is not a bad thing at all, especially, when you know European women are more open than Americans.


They claim to be an anonymous sexting app, but I don’t think this website is completely anonymous because you are participating in video chat. So how can you become anonymous?

When you are exposed to others then you will not be anonymous.

And the second thing is when you registered then you are going to see the camera icon to add your profile pictures. So people are going to see you see your profile picture.

My recommendation is if you want to remain hidden anonymous outside of the public then this platform is not meet your interest. You better look for other sexting platforms without a video chat option and the platform that supports no registration policy.

Social connection

No anonymous acting platform supports any social media but Skibbel is different. You can share your thoughts and experience on WhatsApp they have an official WhatsApp account.


Profile Creations

To create your profile you need a profile picture, and choose your gender, select your age, and your preferred gender. To add something extra line about yourself and your interest on the profile you can also do it here.

So it is mostly acting like semi-adult dating apps more than just adult webcam sites.

Account deletion

This is one of the features that I want in every dating and sexting platform. Sometimes we do not want to continue our profile on that platform and want to wipe out all the traces and stop the spam email we were getting. But it was really hard with other platforms

The good news is Skibbel is a very simple process to delete enter profile and wipe out all the history with it.

Selecting your preferred gender

Skibbel has special unique features that support selecting male, female, or both. So if you like to chat with both males and females this website is ready to help you.

Another interesting feature is you can choose your gender or register as a couple.

Is it work for a couple?

Yes, definitely this website is for couples too. If you like to create your account as a couple then you can do it by selecting your gender as a couple. This is how you will also invite other couples or other singles on your live camera.

This really helps those who have the Desire for sexting and group sex.

Do they have an Android/IOS application?

Well, they don’t have an official Android application or iOS application. But their browser was fine on your Android or iPhone. So stop worrying about applications and go and try their Browser.

The browser is pretty first and user-friendly it is easy to create accounts and start chatting right away.

The unique feature

Sexting the video camera always comes with the risk of leaking your identity. This website works with your back camera. So you have a lot of control over your camera. If you don’t turn on your front camera then others will not see your face.

This is how they play to safeguard users’ anonymity. But from my experience, I have never seen anybody who doesn’t want to show off their face. And most people who love video chat just don’t care about anonymity.

How it works?

Skibbel is a sexting platform that connects random users in an adult chat room. Users get connected with random people they change nude pictures and text first letters they connected themselves through video chat.

It is one of the best-rated platforms to meet random people and have live CAM sex.

Is it free?

Skibbel is 100% free. This website is all about fun and entertainment. You can stay here all day and chat with random people without paying money.

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