Sweetsext – Join with 50 million users across the US & the EU

One of the most popular sexting websites in North America, sweetsext.com is an adult dating platform where you can create an account and connect with any sensual girls near you. You can have phone sex with them and meet them in real life if you want. And, they have mobile sexting apps too!


But the most interesting thing is that the three most popular sexting platforms SnapSext, Snapbang, and Sweetsext are working together as a performer. As a result, all the users of the three small platforms will come together on one big platform and a large number of users will come and interact on one platform.

It will make it easier to find hot women like you and contact them.

Although previously each platform was self-contained and had its own user base in the hundreds of thousands per month, when combined, hundreds of thousands of users would be using one platform. It will not be difficult to find sexy girls located near you, regardless of the city you are located in.

Sweetsext review

So let’s take a look at the much-talked-about SweetSect platform actually? The number of users or how much? And will this platform really be good for you?


First of all, what is the user value of a dating platform, and what is the number of users? If the number of users on a platform is low, you will not find anything you want. And there is no denying the fact that most sexting platforms have more men than women.

Among the nearly fifty thousand users, American users account for 87 percent, while users in Canada, the UK, and Australia account for 5.8 percent, 4.8 percent, and 1.5 percent, respectively.

But the interesting thing is that this website has almost no Indian or Mexican users. It’s your advantage, the number of scammers will be less and you can chat with girls of your choice.

Since both the number of users and the quality of users are satisfactory, let’s take a look at some more details of this website, how does it work? Is it security or how? And what kind of girls can you interact with?

What is SweetSext?

SweetSext is an adult platform where adult men and women can video chat or exchange pictures with each other. The platform has close to two million registered users of which more than half reside in the United States. Also, a large number of users from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and Europe have been using this platform for ages.

Gender Ratio:

The most important factor in any adult sexting platform is the performance of its user and gender ratio. As I discussed earlier, let’s talk about gender ratio.

Although the ratio of men to women is not fifty-fifty on this platform, there are 66 percent male accounts against 44% female which is much higher than on other dating sites.

But yes, you should never compare the gender ratio of free dating sites with paid dating sites. Paid dating sites always have good users who open accounts.


The security system is really great but since this website also allows video chat and picture sending, there are security loopholes.

If you don’t want to reveal your identity, you should just be sexting. But if you video chat or exchange pictures of yourself with your partner, there is no chance of your identity being hidden.

However, they will not sell your email address or any other information to any third party.

As an additional security measure, their security team monitors fake profiles 24 hours a day. If any of their profiles seem to be fake, then they ban it by themselves, but if you ever think that any profile may be fake, you can contact customer support.

For added security, it advises first not to share your personal information with anyone.

How to find the best profiles?

Although you can open an account on this website for free, if you want to get the best-verified profiles, you need to be a registered member. First, you fill out the profile correctly and verify your ID.

Once you get verified, the website will show you only the best profiles and you will always be contacted by verified profiles.

Is this website free?

Even if you open a free account on the website, you will not get their full benefits. To get their full benefits you must buy premium service.

You can view the profiles for free but to interact with the profiles you need to buy a subscription.

What are the additional benefits of buying a membership:

By purchasing a membership, your profile will be verified, allowing you to easily communicate with other users. They will trust you and you can feel free to enjoy sex by sharing your photos or videos with any verified profile.

Many adult dating sites do not post nude photos or videos because of security concerns as they do not verify profiles. Profiles here are verified so they will freely allow you to share your photos or videos.

Are there applications?

You can use Sweetsext on mobile, you have the convenience of the app but their website is also quite interactive and works well on the mobile platform.

The special advantage of using the mobile application is that their mobile application is very similar to Tinder.com. You can learn to use it very easily.

Only verified profiles will be shown in front of you. If you want, you can participate in the match game where you can like the girls who are a good match for you or you can show unmatches by clicking on the cross symbol. The advantage is that you will also see the percentage match of a girl’s profile.

Video chat:

Participating in video chats is very easy. If you click to turn on your front camera, it will show your picture at the top or side and you can easily see the person you are video calling.

You’ll find volume down, a cross sign to hang up a call, and a next button, where you can move on to the next call.

The chatting option is much like messenger, you will find the settings option at the top right side where you will find various privacy settings and other settings.

But you can send your message by typing below. Also, there is an option to add files where you can add your own photo or video clip.

Trading now:

Which girls are currently online, how old they are, how they look, you will find all this in the trading now option. If you click on the Trading Now Option in your apps, you will see a huge list, you can like them as you want, you can send messages or you can see how many hours ago or when they were active. Another interesting point

Wants to Meet game:

This option is newly added here so that users can easily meet girls from their own city or other cities through contacts and have real sex. Many sexting websites do not have this feature because their usage is very low.

Since they have millions of users, they can offer this facility. If you want, you can continue sexting with girls located in your city and meet them in real life.

Very popular and fun for men who want to meet new girls in real life and have sex.

My personal opinion:

I personally like this website a lot. It has its own application which is very important for mobile users. I find their apps very good and anyone can understand and use all these apps within five to ten minutes.

According to their claim, there are about fifty million users in the US. If I am not talking about the pros or cons of this claim, it is not possible to verify the number of members. But it is true that their mobile apps and platforms are very big and very good.

You can test their platform by signing up for free and then purchase a premium subscription if you like.

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